Integrated Shield Plans (IPs)

Many Singaporeans have private insurance plans for hospitalisation in the form of Integrated Shield Plans, more commonly known as IPs.

If you are covered by one of the following plans, you have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP). Find out if you have an IP.

IPs Comprise Two Components 
The first component is MediShield Life coverage run by the Central Provident Board (CPF) Board. From November 2015, MediShield Life replaced the MediShield component of your policy to give policyholders better coverage.
The second is an additional private insurance coverage component run by private insurers, typically to cover Class A/B1 wards in public hospitals or private hospitals.

If you have an IP, you already have MediShield Life coverage. MediShield Life is a component of your IP; there is no duplicate coverage.

The private IP insurers act as a single point of contact for IP policyholders, even though they work with the CPF Board on premium collection and MediShield Life claims disbursement.

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How IP Policyholders Benefit from MediShield Life 

MediShield Life will cover you for life, including your pre-existing conditions. This is the case even if your pre-existing conditions are not covered under the additional coverage from your private insurer. You will also receive subsidies for the MediShield Life component of your IP, if you are eligible.

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Integrated Shield Plans (IPs)

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