Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities

Have questions about the levy concession for foreign domestic workers? Explore our guide, and learn how you can lower the cost of care for your loved one.


If you hire a foreign domestic worker (FDW) to care for yourself or loved ones, you may want to find out about the Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities. It lets families pay a monthly foreign domestic worker levy of just $60, instead of $265. Each household gets concessions for up to two foreign domestic workers at any one time.

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How to Qualify for the FDW Levy Concession

Status and address: if you are hiring the foreign domestic worker, you must be the care recipient, or related to the care recipient and living at the same address.

Activities of daily living: the care recipient must see a doctor to obtain a Functional Assessment Report. This shows he or she needs help with at least one activity of daily living. These include:

Citizenship: the care recipient must be a Singapore citizen.

Age: care receipient must be aged 16 to 64 years old.

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How to Apply

Application information is available on AIC Singapore — Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities

If you need more help, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you. Or, talk to our customer care officers at 1800 650 6060 for more information. You can also visit the AICare Link branch nearest to you.


Are Foreign Domestic Workers Eligible for the Grant?

Yes, as long as they are the main caregivers of persons with disability or elderly who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

How do Eligible Caregivers Receive the Grant?

Eligible caregivers will receive the grant in the form of training fee subsidies.

How do I Apply for This Scheme?

After choosing a training programme from the pre-approved list (Eldercare CTG Courses), you need to contact the service provider at least two weeks before the course starts to inform them that you are applying for the grant. The trainer will send you an application form to fill out, then submit the completed form for you.

If There is More Than One Caregiver Taking Care of the Same Person, Are They All Eligible for the Grant?

The grant is tied to the care recipient, not the number of caregivers. If there is more than one caregiver taking care of the same person, all of them are eligible for the grant, but it is still capped at $200 per year. For example, if there are two caregivers taking care of one person, the total grant still amounts to $200 per year and not $400, as there is only one care recipient.

Can More Than One Caregiver Make Use of the Grant to Attend the Same Training Programme?

Yes. More than one caregiver of each care recipient can attend the same training and will be reimbursed only up to $200 grant per care recipient per financial year (April–March).

Can I Attend Any Training Programmes that I Think are Useful?

No. To make use of CTG to receive a training fee subsidy, caregivers must choose from a list of training programmes that have been pre-approved. The list of pre-approved training programmes can be found here.

I Did Not Use my $200 Grant This Year. Can I Carry It Forward Next Year?

The annual grant of $200 must be used within the period of April 1 to March 31 the next year. Any amount not used will be forfeited. The annual grant of $200 must be utilised for training programmes that are completed no later than March 15 each year.

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Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities

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