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The perfect ending to a healthy meal
Want to get the best value for the dollar you spend on food? Learn to decipher the food labels and use the Healthier Choice Symbol when shopping for packaged foods.
Food labels and nutrition labels are useful in helping you make informed, healthy choices when buying food products.
Rendang ayam is a traditional favourite. Chef Mel Dean shares how this recipe can be tweaked to be healthier.
Recipe : Red Snapper in Tomato Herb
Know your alcohol limit and how much is binge drinking to drink alcohol responsibly.
Dementia is an illness that affects the brain and leads to a decline in the brain's ability to function properly, affecting memory, judgement, language, planning and behaviour. However, studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing some types of dementia.
Breast milk provides all the nourishment your baby needs in the first six months. But, it is important to start introducing him to solid foods from the second half of the year to support his growing nutritional needs.
The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) refer to the recommended daily levels of nutrients to meet the needs of nearly all healthy individuals in a particular age and gender group
With so many restaurants in Singapore offering different cuisines from different parts of the world, it's no wonder that one of our well-known national pastimes is eating! If going to restaurants is your passion, then read on to learn how you can enjoy these cuisines and still eat healthily
Learn the signs of stroke and reduce the risk of stroke with these tips.
Psychosis happens when a person loses touch with reality. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of this mental health syndrome.
Many common hand and wrist conditions multi-disciplinary approaches.
Diapers, pads, catheters and other products for managing continence or incontinence care.
Try your own healthy version of Ikan Tiga Rasa with this recipe from Chef Mel Dean.
Inpatient hospices, which are part of the healthcare system, provide medical and palliative care services for the terminally ill.
Recognising end-of-life signs helps caregivers to provide proper palliative care. Learn more about these signs and how to provide comfort during this stage.
Early detection, regular dental check-ups and proper dental care can correct or even prevent problems from occurring.
You can find information on illegal health products found in Singapore on this page.
What body types are linked with a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes?
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