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Tobacco products comprise more than just cigarettes. Learn about the harmful side effects of chewing tobacco, smoking shisha and e-cigarettes.
Tobacco use accounts for 8 million deaths worldwide.
Did you know that smoke from others' lit cigarette is more lethal than other kinds of air pollution?
Most smokers believe they can quit smoking any time they want, yet studies show otherwise. Being addicted to tobacco is easier than you think. Find out how you can beat this addiction.
Do you know that infants and children exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to suffer ear infections, chest infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis, and asthma attacks? Exposure to tobacco smoke is harmful to your child. Stop smoking and create a smoke-free home for a healthier, happy family.
E-cigarettes, Shishas and "lights". There are many myths about other tobacco or imitation tobacco products — mainly that they’re safer than traditional cigarettes. Let’s look at them one by one.
This deadly attraction to tobacco, alcohol and drugs can be beaten.
Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes or vapourisers) contain toxic chemicals and dangerous heavy metals. They are inherently harmful to health and those who do not use tobacco products should continue not to do so.
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