Preventive Health

Proactively take charge of your health with regular health screenings, recommended vaccinations and proper hygiene habits. Explore more health tips here.


Breast Cancer Screening

Explore how you can prepare for a mammogram, what to expect, and post-screening information.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Discover your recommended test (Pap or HPV) and learn how to prepare for it.

Chronic Disease Screening

Find out the diseases you can protect yourself against, the screening tests included, and post-screening details.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Learn more about the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) kit and how to use it.


Have questions on the Screen for Life programme? Get more information here.


Getting vaccinated is your best defence against vaccine-preventable diseases like influenza and pneumococcal disease.


Prevent the spread of germs by practising proper hand hygiene habits, such as doing the 8-step hand wash for 20 seconds.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Misuse of antibiotics can lead to serious infections, longer recovery time, and ineffective future medical treatments.

Let’s B.E.A.T. Diabetes

Reduce your risk with early detection through regular health screening, adopting an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

Live Active

Turn up the fun with regular exercise and reduce your risk of falls, joint pain and stiffness.

Live Enriched

Get simple and useful tips on leading a healthier lifestyle from our workshops.

Live Assured

Enjoy regular screening at subsidised rates and improve your health outcomes with early detection.

Live Happy

Surround yourself with positive energy – keep your mind active and explore new hobbies with friends.

Live Prepared

Learn digital skills at our workshops and impress your loved ones as you prepare for a fulfilling retirement.

Live Nourished

Discover more about eating healthy to build stronger muscles and bones, and how to make it a daily habit.

HIV Prevention

Learn the ABCD of HIV prevention. With early and effective treatment, people living with HIV can still lead quality lives.

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