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Live a fuller and sweeter life with your loved ones by taking small steps towards healthier living. From healthier eating to mental wellbeing tips as well as health screening subsidies and free physical activity events near you – we’ve got you covered to help you kick start and continue your healthy journey!


Debunking the 3 Myths about Screening

Health screening is important in maintaining our health and detecting any signs of problems early. Common misconceptions about health screening cause us to put off screening. Don’t let that happen to you! Let’s debunk the common myths together.

Health Screening is not expensive but more affordable

Myth: Screening is expensive

Health screening need not be costly. If you are eligible for Screen for Life programme, you can do your screening tests for cardiovascular risk, colorectal and cervical cancers at $5 or lower at participating CHAS GP clinics. This fixed fee includes screening tests done within the same visit, screening visit consultation, and the first follow-up consultation (if needed).

Breast cancer screening services under Screen for Life are offered at selected polyclinic at these rates: $25 for Pioneer Generation, $37.50 for Merdeka Generation, $50 for Singapore Citizens and $75 for Permanent Residents.

Health Screening is also for person who feels fine

Myth: I am feeling fine, so I should be fine.

Many of us believe that health screening is only for people who are sick or have a family history of illness. It’s not true. Screening enables you to find out if you have a particular condition even if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms and/or signs. It also helps us to identify risk factors for certain conditions. In fact, the best time to go for screening is when you still feel fine.

Health Screening gives you the peace of mind and more control of your health

Myth: I don’t have to worry if I don’t find out.

You may not go for screening because of fear from potentially bad results, as bad results would lead to high cost of treatment, change in lifestyle, impact on employment. Truth is that screening actually helps because early detection prevents or delays serious complications which can cause serious financial and emotional strain on you and your family.

Bottomline: going for health screening gives you the peace of mind and more control of your health.

Affordable Screening Starts at $5 or less

Screen for Life is the subsidised health screening programme that encourages Singapore Citizens to go for regular health screening and follow-up. The best time to go for screening is when you still feel fine.


Pioneer Generation (PG)

$0Pioneer Generation (PG)

Merdeka Generation (MG)

$2 Merdeka Generation (MG)

Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Card Blue or Orange

$2Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Card Blue or Orange

Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Card - Green / Eligible Singapore Citizens

$5Eligible Singapore Citizens / Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Green Card


For Singapore Citizens enrolled in Healthier SG programme, the nationally recommended screenings under Screen for Life will be fully subsidised at their enrolled HSG clinic. You can check with your enrolled HSG clinic when your recommended screenings are due.


Benefits of Health Screening

early detection of chronic and medical conditions

Allow detection of particular condition when there is no symptoms and/or signs or even when you feel physically well. Early detection followed by treatment and good control of condition can result in better outcomes.

Early detection reduces the chances of complications

Regular screening can help detect these conditions early before they progress, reducing your risk of complications and financial strain.

peace of mind of your health status

Offers peace of mind for you and loved ones.

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