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FAQs on Screen for Life

Screen for Life (SFL) is the national screening programme by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) that offers Singaporeans and Permanent Residents health screening recommendations based on age and gender.

Questions by topics
Screen for Life and Subsidies

Covers questions about the programme, subsidies and eligibility.

Recommended Screening Tests

Covers questions about the different types of screenings, and what you need to prepare for each of them.

Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA)

Covers questions about the eligibility and purpose of the DRA.

Screen for Life and Subsidies

Screen for Life
(1) What is Screen for Life (SFL)?+
(2) What subsidies can I receive under Screen for Life (SFL)?+
(3) What does the Screen for Life (SFL) subsidy cover?+
(4) What do the Screen for Life (SFL) subsidies aim to achieve and why should I go for screening?+
(5) How do I know if I am eligible for Screen for Life (SFL) subsidies?+
(6) I am below 40, but I would like to go for health screening. Can I enjoy the Screen for Life (SFL) subsidies?+
(7) How can I find out more about the Screen for Life (SFL) programme?+
(8) Will I be able to enjoy the subsidised screening rates if I visit a polyclinic?+
(9) Are the screening subsidies available at CHAS GP clinics applicable for other health screening tests not recommended by Health Promotion Board (HPB)?+

Recommended Screening Tests

Where can I go for screening?+
Do I have to make an appointment to get screened?+

Screening for Breast Cancer (Women Only)

Where can I do my mammogram screening?+

Screening for Cervical Cancer (Women Only)

How do I prepare myself for my Pap or HPV test?+

Screening for Chronic Diseases

How do I prepare myself for a cardiovascular risk screening?+
Am I eligible for chronic disease screening under Screen for Life (SFL) if I’m already diagnosed with diabetes/high blood pressure/high blood cholesterol?+

Screening for Colorectal Cancer

How do I prepare myself for colorectal cancer screening (Faecal Immunochemical Test)?+

Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA)

Let’s Beat Diabetes
What is the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA)?+
What does the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA) consist of?+
What will the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA) tell me?+
How often should I do the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA)?+
I am/my child is below 18 years old. Can I/my child still do the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA)?+
I am above 39 years old. Can I still do the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA)?+
I am 40 years old (or older). Why can’t I do the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA)?+
My friend was able to do the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA) in the past. Why am I unable to do it now?+

FAQs on Screen for Life
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