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Colours of the Mind

Singapore Child Mental Wellbeing Scale (for children aged 6 - 12).


Colours of the Mind has been developed to help you understand how a child thinks, feels and behaves. 

Through Colours of the Mind,
  • Parents will gain a better understanding of how to build on your child’s strengths so that he/she can grow up to be confident, happy and resilient.
  • Teachers and counsellors can better identify aspects of mental wellbeing in a child and to use simple activities to build them. 

Help your child identify the following domains via the Colours of the Mind quiz. Suitable for ages 6 - 12, the quiz will better equip the chlld to cope with challenges and achieve positive outcomes in life:

If the child is able to understand the content of the quiz, you can do the quiz with him/her. Otherwise, you may take the quiz on behalf of the child. 
Colours of the Mind
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