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Fun Ways To Keep Active This Holiday Season

Looking for ways to walk off those festive calories? Just follow these simple tips.


Fun ways to keep active
this holiday season

Excitement bubbles as the holidays draw near! On top of that added bounce to your walk, let your steps soar with the festive exuberance. Whether you’re soaking in the beautiful Christmas lights, or celebrating the Lunar New Year, the endeavour to take more steps can be a joyous and enjoyable one.

Christmas & New Year



Quit rushing with the manic crowd, but relax and soak in the festivities with a longer and less crowded stroll instead. You’ll be surprised by the distance you can go this holiday season.

#2Spread the love

Welcome the pre-party and dinner preparations with open arms! Offer to collect that turkey, or decorate the house. Not only will you clock more steps, you’ll be loved very much!

Decorating House

DIY Gifts

Painting House

#3Step to the beat

Nifty dance moves or not, the New Year countdown is your chance to step it up and groove to the beat. As long as you’re rocking it, who cares if you dance with two left feet?

2 hours of non-stop dancing

#4Forget the car

With the manic holiday traffic, leave your car behind and ride the train. It’s easy on the nerves and you’ll get more steps in.

#5Tail that coffee trail

Kopi Siu Dai, Soy Milk and Peach Red Tea! Don’t settle for just the one delicious drink during your shopping escapades. Follow that aromatic trail and go café hopping. Plus, there’s no reason you can’t still drink healthy. Remember to choose beverages with the less sugar option. Click here to find out more.

Lunar New Year

#1Family spring clean

Spring cleaning is more enjoyable when it’s a group affair, so join in the cleaning. Play music while you’re at it, and turn that chore into a joy.

Cleaning, washing windows
in general for 30mins

Multiple household tasks
all at once, vigorous effort for 60mins

Cooking or food preparation,
moderate effort for 45mins

Home activities for 10mins
(e.g. carrying groceries, shopping without a grocery cart, carrying packages)

#2Plan ahead

Plan a visitation route with the homes that are within the same area; that way you can just walk it!


#3Avoid guilt-tripping

One too many tarts while visiting? Avoid that guilt-trip by taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can!


#4Ready to serve

Be quick on your feet to serve your guests when they pay you a house visit.
And if you’re out of drinks and ice, step up to make that run to the supermarket.

Jogging for 5mins

Brisk walking for 15mins

#5Tasteful company

Hunting for new clothes is such a tradition over the Lunar New Year. Nothing beats doing it with a friend. Be that friend. Besides the chance for a walk, it’s also a great time for bonding.

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Fun Ways To Keep Active This Holiday Season
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