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Screen for Life

Learn the recommended health screenings and immunisations for you and your loved ones.


Enhanced subsidies for selected health screenings

Ministry of Health (MOH) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) have enhanced the Screen for Life (SFL) programme to encourage more Singaporeans to go for the recommended health screenings and have the necessary follow-up.

From 1 September 2017, besides the Pioneer Generation (PG) cardholders, Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) cardholders, and all other eligible Singaporeans can also access subsidised screening and one post-screening consultation (as needed) at a low, fixed fee, as long as they are recommended by HPB to go for screening. This will only be available at CHAS GP clinics.

The enhanced SFL subsidies are available for selected screening services and first post-screening consultation at the following rates, for selected age groups at recommended frequencies:

Enhanced subsidies for health screenings Recommended health screening and frequencies for different age groups

For example, an eligible CHAS cardholder will pay $2, and this will cover the costs of the screening visit which could include screening tests for cardiovascular risk and/or colorectal cancer and/or cervical cancer screening, and the consultation fees for one follow-up visit.

You need not screen again if you have already been diagnosed for any of the conditions above. Instead, please see your doctor regularly to monitor your condition.

^ Women 50 years and above can also enjoy subsidised screening for breast cancer at participating SFL BreastScreen Singapore polyclinics and screening centres.

Find out which screening is suitable for you


About the Screen for Life Tool

We’ve created this tool to help you to

  • Understand which health screenings you should be going for, based on your age and gender
  • Learn about the screening subsidies you are eligible for
  • Find the clinics nearest to your home that offer these screenings
  • Understand which immunisations are suitable for you
  • Protect your loved ones by finding out about the screening tests and immunisations they should be going for, and encouraging them to do so

Note: Screening can start at an earlier age or be done more frequently if someone has risk factors for the disease. Speak to your doctor to find out more.


Screen for Life
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