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Get Active

Want to get active but not sure what to do? Are you already active but looking for more exciting activities to boost your endorphins? Look no further.

get active. get more from life.


1) Quick HITT/ Quick HIIT for MEN: Check out new sessions at IMM and Jcube! 

2) Sunrise in the City (SITC): July sessions will be lived on 1 June 2018 (Fri).

3) i-Run: Sessions at Labrador Park every Wednesday 6:30pm (Registration at 6:15pm), with more exciting programme segements!

4) Fitness at Work: 1) F@W sessions at Bayfront Event Square is back every Monday, 6:45pm-7:45pm. 2) Lunchtime HIIT session & back-to-back evening sessions at Marina Square. Note: Each participant is limited to one F@W session per day.

5) Fitness Interest Group (FIG) Grant: Application for FY18 is delayed till further notice.

6) Active Family Programme for children 6-12 years old and parents ~June Holiday Special~

Please refer to the 2017 funding guidelines below for more details. Do note that guidelines are subjected to change from year to year. For enquiries, please contact Ms Gloria Cheng at 6435 3090 or

Application period for 2018 grant is delayed until further notice.​

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Do you want to get active but not sure what to do? Are you already active and looking for more exciting activities to increase your endorphin levels? Look no further. The Health Promotion Board offers a variety of physical activities that are held island wide. Take your pick and get active today!Right double quote
Activity Sunrise 

Sunrise in the City (SITC) is a studio-gym based morning workout programme initiated by the Health Promotion Board. Choose from an exciting combination of over 40 workout sessions such as aerobics-dance workouts, cardio, strength, and mind-body programmes at over 20 different locations.

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Activity i-Run 

Whether you are gearing up for a marathon, or looking for that extra nudge to run again, the weekly running sessions are for you. Running clinics on techniques and injury prevention are also frequently conducted. All sessions and clinics are led by professional trainers and best of all, free of charge.

Activity Fitness 

Grab your colleagues and join our aerobic-infused mixed dance fitness programmes! Choose between Zumba, Modern Dance, Boxercise, Body Combat routines, and more. These weekly, hour-long workouts are specially choreographed and suit all fitness levels.

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Activity Sundays 

Get active with your family and friends every Sunday! Bond over fun activities, instructor-led group workouts, and fitness boot camps. Pick up new ways to keep yourself trim and fit with Zumba, kickboxing, and more. Mark your calendars and join us at ‘Sundays @ the Park’! Find out more

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Activity Mall 

Take part in our action-packed, hour-long workouts and get your heart rate up and pumping. Connect with your community, bond with your family, or simply work off the stress after a hard day’s work. Pre-registration not required, simply walk in to join.

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Activity Interest 

Health Promotion ​Grant: Fitness Interest Groups​

​​​​ The Health Promotion Grant (Fitness Interest Groups) serves as a seeding fund to encourage and enable organisations and individuals to initiate and implement sustainable and impactful regular physical actvity programmes in the community. Please refer to the 2017 funding guidelines for more details. Do note that guidelines are subjected to change from year to year. For enquiries, plesae contact Ms Gloria Cheng at 6435 3090 or Application period for 2018 grant is delayed until further notice.

Funding Guidelines​​​ Physical Activity Saf​ety Standards​​

​​​​ For HPB's Health Ambassadors, please check here​ for more details.

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Get Active
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