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Stay Well to Stay Strong

Kickstart your healthy habits today with good hygiene practices, an active lifestyle, a balanced diet and sufficient sleep.

Stay Well to Stay Strong
Virtual Workout Sessions
Miss our virtual workout sessions? Catch the recordings of all your favourite sessions here.
How Germs Spread
Just because you can’t see germs, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Break the chain of infection. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Our Coolest Hand Wash Guide
Get your groove on while washing your hands with soap and water with our Coolest Hand Wash Guide. Just follow these 8 steps for at least 20 seconds to get to all the hidden germs. Stay clean to stay strong!
Hand Washing with Soap
Your 8 Step Guide To Clean Hands - COVID-19
Occasions for Hand Washing
Clean hands don't stay clean because you washed them once - COVID-19
Your family’s health and protection is literally in your hands. Frequent and thorough hand washing can help fight infectious diseases.
Click the links below to find out more tips on keeping your hands clean:

Download our cutest hand wash and hygiene sticker pack here!

Stay Nourished - COVID-19
One thing that has remained constant during these uncertain times is our love for food. Check out some of these must-try recipes that are not only healthier, but tastier too!
For tasty and healthier recipe ideas:
Watch Videos | Browse Recipe Page
My Healthy Plate
my healthy plate - COVID-19
Eating healthier, balanced meals at home is easy with My Healthy Plate - Quarter, Quarter, Half! Whether you are cooking at home, grabbing a takeaway or ordering in, simply Quarter, Quarter, Half to meet your daily nutritional needs. Here's how:
  • Fill Quarter plate with wholegrains
  • Fill Quarter plate with good sources of protein
  • Fill Half plate with fruit and vegetables
It is that easy! Eat well to stay well!
Find out more about My Healthy Plate here.
Healthier Homecooked Meals Made Easy
Stay Nourished - COVID-19
The secret to good health lies in your plate. A healthier, balanced meal provides all the essential nutrients your body needs.
How Can I Eat More Healthily
Stay Nourished - COVID-19
Having a balanced diet is important to staying healthy and strong! Here are some tips to guide you on choosing the right proportions and healthier options.
Here are more tips on eating healthily at home. Eat well to stay well!

Ways to Move More
Here is an exciting array of workouts to help you stay active even while at home!
Note: Before starting on any workout it is important to prepare your body (warm-up), be aware of your health condition (e.g. pre-existing injuries, hypertension) and take care not to overexert yourself.
Moving More – Exercise Resources For Home
Your most loved workouts
Stay active even while staying in with our variety of online workout guides. Whether you prefer infographics or instructional videos, we've got you covered!

What's more? Get rewarded when you move! Join the National Steps Challenge™ now.
Your most loved workouts trophy 2
Your most loved workouts trophy 5
Your most loved workouts trophy 1
Your most loved workouts trophy 3
Your most loved workouts trophy 4
The Ultimate 20min Home Workout
Stay Active - COVID-19
Staying home with your young ones can be fun when you work out together with these dance exercises!

5-Day Workout Plans
Stay Active - COVID-19
Clock your recommended 30 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) daily, anywhere, anytime! Start working out now to get your heart pumping and those endorphins to make you feel good.
For higher intensity workout plans, click on the links below:

Note: When exercising, build intensity gradually and stop if you feel unwell. Remember to practice safe distancing and adhere to other prevailing Safe Management Measures while exercising. Do also keep safe by removing obstructions when exercising indoors so you have a clear space to exercise in!
Moving More While Working From Home
Stay Active at the Office
Stay Active - COVID-19
Sitting for long hours at your desk can lead to chronic diseases like stroke and heart attack. Avoid this sedentary lifestyle and stay strong by staying active.
Remember to take at least a 5-minute break every hour to go for a walk or follow the lunchtime office workout guide below for some simple stretches.

Lunchtime Office Workouts
Stay Active - COVID-19
Be rewarded for moving more! Join the National Steps Challenge™ now
Stay Active - COVID-19
Earn eVouchers just by moving more!
T&Cs apply.
Your most-loved
tips & resources
Our mental wellbeing affects how well we deal with challenges, solve problems and achieve our goals. Here's a list of your most loved tips and resources to help you put self-care practices in place.
Discover our self-care tools & resources
Harmony at Home
Communicate your needs better with the help of these playful posters.
Infographic - COVID-19
Use these playful printables to communicate your needs better to your loved ones at home. If you do not have a printer at home, no worries. Get creative and sketch them out on a piece of paper!
6 Tips on Coping with Worries, Fears and Anxiety
Infographic - COVID-19
While it’s normal to feel a little anxious in such uncertain times, here are some useful resources that can help you relax, destress and stay positive through it all.

When we face challenging situations, it can help to talk to someone who can provide a listening ear and to offer you a different perspective.
6 Ways To Care For Your Well-Being
6 Ways To Care For Your Well-being Infographic - COVID-19
Self-care is not selfish. When we care for mental well-being, we cope better with everyday challenges and positively impact those around us.

When we face challenging situations, it can help to talk to someone who can provide a listening ear and to offer you a different perspective.

To talk to someone regarding issues that you are worried about, be it stress over finances, marital and family tensions, or on COVID-19 and its impact on your personal and family lives, you can call the National CARE hotline at 6202 6868. This 24-hour hotline can offer emotional support to anyone who needs it, and link callers up with social service agencies and specialised services if needed.
6 Tips For Your Family To Get A Good Night’s Sleep
6 Tips For Your Family To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Infographic - COVID-19
A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your body. Regular, adequate and restful sleep is vital for your overall well-being. It makes you more alert, productive and healthier.
So make sure that you get adequate sleep daily and practice good sleep habits like having a regular bedtime routine and avoiding the use of electronic gadgets before bedtime.
Emotions Explorer
The Feelings Tracker
Infographic - COVID-19
4 Ways to Seek Help to Manage Your Emotions
Infographic - COVID-19
If you are feeling weighed down by issues and need emotional or psychological support, you can reach out to the different avenues below:

1. Speak to someone on the phone
  • National Care Hotline: 1800 202 6868
  • Institute of Mental Health’s Mental Health Helpline: 6389 2222
  • Samaritans of Singapore: 1800 221 4444
  • Silver Ribbon Singapore: 6385 3714
  • TOUCHline (Counselling): 1800 377 2252

2. Consult with someone online

3. Read up on your own

4. Use a self-assessment tool
Infographic - COVID-19
For some of our seniors, staying at home without the contact of their loved ones can be especially frustrating. Sometimes all it takes is a short phone or video call to bring a smile to their faces. Start reconnecting with the seniors in your community today with these simple conversation starters!
3 Simple Ways To Be There For Your Loved Ones
Infographic - COVID-19
Take some time out to check in on your loved ones during these uncertain times. It doesn't take much more than a call and goes a long way in making them feel loved.
9 Ways to Look Out For Your Loved Ones
Infographic - COVID-19
Although we might not see our loved ones as often as we like, it’s important that we remind them that we still care for them. Here’s 9 simple ways to show your loved ones that you’re there for them.
14 days of #JustCheckingIn
Infographic - COVID-19
It may not always be obvious when someone you care for is going through a tough time. Which is why, all of us play an important role in reaching out and giving them the support and comfort they need. All it takes to start the conversation is a 'hi’. Click on the link below to learn practical skills on how to reach out and provide support to those you care for.

Skills on Providing Support to Loved Ones
The Can-do List
Get more satisfaction out of your day and improve your well-being by checking off items on our Can-do List. With 3 easy tasks every day, you’d have 42 achievements at the end of 2 weeks!

Why not give it a shot by downloading our Can-do List below?
My Positivity Guide
My Positivity Guide Infographic - COVID-19
Positivity Wallpapers
Keep your spirits up through the day with these whimsical mobile wallpapers.
3 Tips to Unlock Positivity
3 Tips to Unlock Positivity Infographic - COVID-19
When we care for mental well-being, we cope better with everyday challenges and positively impact those around us.

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones
Say “Hello” and send warm greetings to your loved ones wherever you are with these simple WhatsApp tips.
Easy Recipes You Can Try At Home
For more healthy recipe ideas, click here.
Eating Well For Seniors
The Recipe for Healthy Ageing - COVID-19
As we age, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet becomes more important. It is also important to have nutrient-rich meals to stay strong!
Click on the link below to discover more tips, and to download recipes for delicious nutrient-rich meals:

Easy Exercises for Seniors
Try these easy workouts to stay active everyday.

To access the above videos in other languages, please click here.
Sit-down Exercises for Seniors
The Recipe for Healthy Ageing - COVID-19
Seniors should stay active to grow stronger, improve their balance and move with greater flexibility. Try the above easy sit-down exercises and get moving.

All you need is a sturdy chair! Aim to do these exercises at least twice a week.
MOVE IT: Total Body HIIT 1 Workout with Coach Faridie

MOVE IT: HWE Kickboxing 1 Workout with Dennis

MOVE IT: MegaDanz® 4 SATP with Rachel Tan

Tips To Staying Smoke-Free
Tips To Staying Smoke-Free Infographic - COVID-19
Your health begins to improve the moment you quit smoking. Start your 28-day journey to becoming smoke-free. Not only will your health improve, you’ll be helping your loved ones and others around you embrace healthier lifestyles too.

Sign up here or click on the links below for more tips on curbing the urge to light up.

Stay smoke-free for 28 days and you’re five times more likely to quit for good. Stay smoke-free for 6 months and redeem attractive incentives. (see T&Cs here)
Here’s how you can support your kids at home this holiday period
School holiday Infographic - COVID-19
Need some advice to help your kids with their Home Based Learning experience? Download these resources from MOE now!
Stay Strong with these 5 parenting tips
five tips Infographic - COVID-19
Here are 5 simple tips you can practice right at home to keep your little one happy and healthy.
For more resources, visit Parent Hub!
Fun Dance Video
Get your kids moving with this fun dance that doubles up as a workout! Simply watch the video to follow the steps and your little ones will be sweating it out in no time, or join them to turn it into a family activity.
Remember to warm up before and cool down after exercising
Click here to learn the Fun Dance steps
Warm up | Sit Less Move More | Cool Down
Family Games
Running out of ideas to keep the whole family entertained? Simply roll the dice and see what fun awaits!
Delicious recipes you can try with your kids at home
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Stay Well to Stay Strong