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Celebrate the Abundance of Life

Get your free festive e-package to usher in an abundant Lunar New Year. Share the joy with our greeting stickers and delectable recipes!


We all wish for abundance during Lunar New Year.

So we tend to put a lot of food on the table and fill up more than usual.

But abundance isn’t just about food.

Abundance is about doing more as a family.

Abundance is about spending more time with friends.

Abundance is about more healthy days of life.

This Lunar New Year, see abundance beyond food and
celebrate the abundance of life.

Festive e-package

Download and share these festive goodies to welcome a healthier, happier New Year!

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Greeting Video

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Goodie #2

Yu Shu Shu X Sticker Pack

Goodie #3

Healthy Recipes

Celebrate the Abundance of Life
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