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Youth Preventive Dental Service

Youth Preventive Dental Service (YPDS) provides oral health screening for pre-schoolers at some childcare centres as part of the Preschool Oral Health Screening and Fluoride Therapy Programme. Parents will be informed of the screening findings and recommended follow-up action through an "Information Sheet for Parents" that is downloadable from HealthHub. YPDS also provides free basic dental services to Primary and Secondary students through school dental clinics and mobile dental clinics. Annually, Primary 1, 2, 4 and 6, Secondary 1 and 3, and ITE Year 1 students who are enrolled in the school dental programme will be screened and treated by YPDS. Students in other levels who require dental services may visit the school or mobile dental clinics for free consultation and treatment.

School Dental Service

Dental services provided by dentists and dental therapists include:

  • Dental examination

  • Basic dental treatment, such as scaling, polishing, filling and extraction

  • Preventive treatment such as fluoride application and fissure sealants to prevent tooth decay

  • Group instruction and activities relating to good dental practices and healthy eating habits

Parental consent is required for the above-mentioned services. Parents/guardians are also required to fill in an online health questionnaire on your child’s medical condition and provide updates when relevant. This will help us take the necessary precaution when treating your child for his/her dental condition.

Students who require treatment beyond that which can be rendered at the school or mobile dental clinics will be referred to the Student Dental Centre (SDC) at HPB. Treatment fees may apply.

Student Dental Centre Treatment Fees for Basic Procedure

SDC Treatment Fees for Basic Procedures

S/NTreatment Services​Permanent Resident
$24.00 - $48.75
$41.60 - $84.50
4Extraction $24.00
5Examination & Diagnosis$16.50
6Topical Fluoride
$6.00 - $26.25
$7.80 - $45.50

Where necessary, students may be referred to tertiary institutions for specialist care and treatment fees will be charged accordingly.

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Youth Preventive Dental Service
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