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School Dental Services

The School Dental Service provides free dental services in school dental clinics and mobile dental clinics for Primary and Secondary pupils to promote good oral health for life. Services are provided by dentists, dental therapists or advanced students in oral health therapy under close supervision.

Our dental services include:
  • Dental examination ​
  • Basic dental treatment, such as scaling, polishing, filling and extraction​
  • Preventive treatment, such as fissure sealants to prevent tooth decay ​
  • Group instruction and activities relating to good dental practices and healthy eating habits​​
The services provided are subjected to the child’s oral health status.

Should your child require further treatment, such as X-rays, dentures or simple root canal therapy, he/she will be referred to the School Dental Centre (SDC). A fee for treatment at the SDC will be charged to permanent residents and foreigners.  If laboratory services are required, there will be laboratory charges incurred for pupils including Singaporeans. ​

School Dental Centre Treatment Fees for basic Procedures

S/NTreatment Services​Non-ResidentPermanent Resident
1Filling$41.60 - $84.50$24.00 - $48.75
2Polishing$41.60 - $84.50$24.00 - $48.75
3Scaling$41.60 - $84.50$24.00 - $48.75
4Extraction $41.60 - $54.60$24.00 - $31.50
5Examination & Diagnosis$28.60 - $84.50$16.50 - $48.75
6Oral Hygiene Instruction$23.40$13.50
7X-Ray$7.80 - $45.50$6.00 - $26.25
8Root Canal Treatment (Single Root)$208.00$120.00
Pupils requiring additional specialists care will be referred to other institutions eg. National Dental Centre/Hospital Dental Clinics, where treatment fees will be charged.

School Dental Services
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