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Great things start when you MOVE IT!

Physical activity is important to health. Get started with HPB's physical activity programmes and get more from life today!


Our bodies are designed to move. Keeping active not only helps us maintain a healthy weight, it also improves our overall mental and physical well-being for a better quality of life from Day 1.

Getting active helps to:


Reduce risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers


Keep bones, muscles and joints strong


Improve balance and coordination to help prevent falls


Promote mental well-being, reduce stress and anxiety


Enable one to look and feel good


Help control and maintain healthy weight

To start feeling great, you don’t have to go out of your way, use special equipment or invest too much effort and time to get the optimal amount of physical activity. In fact, your immediate environment and surroundings are the perfect places to start moving and kickstart a brand new you!

Types of Physical Activity

Physical activity covers a range from incidental movement (such as walking or carrying groceries) to leisure-time physical activity such as sports and exercise that range from moderate-intensity to vigorous-intensity (MVPA).



Your maximum heart rate (HR) can be estimated by (220 minus your age). Use your maximum heart rate (HR) to gauge the intensity level* of your workouts!

* HR Zone (% of HR Max): Light (57 to 63%), Moderate (64 to 75%), Vigorous (76 to 95%)

physical activity

Any activity that builds up over the day

Such as:
  • Walking
  • Taking the stairs
  • Housework
  • Carrying groceries

physical activity

Activity that causes a noticeable increase in breathing rate.

You will be able to carry on a conversation but won’t have enough breath to sing.

Such as:
  • Brisk walking (5km/hr)
  • Leisure cycling (<16km/hr)
  • Leisure swimming
  • Line Dancing

physical activity

Activity that cause large increases in breathing rate.

You won’t be able to carry out a conversation but you are not out of breath.

Such as:
  • Jogging
  • Step aerobics
  • Swimming laps
  • Playing soccer

Move towards better overall health and mental well-being by incorporating a mix of incidental, moderate to vigorous physical activities in your everyday routine today.

Aim for at least 150 minutes of MVPA every week.

Here are some recommended Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activities (MVPA) that everyone can enjoy.

These are recommended Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activities (MVPA) for infants & children aged up to 6 years old.

GOAL: Build a strong foundation for healthy adult development.

MVPA duration: 300 minutes of MVPA per week, accumulating at least 1 hour and up to several hours of physical activity on a daily basis.


  • Peek-a-boo
  • Playing with sand
  • Playing with water
  • Matching or comparing
    tabletop toys
  • Reaching for and
    grasping toys
  • Crawling
  • Pulling up
    to standing
  • Rolling over

These recommendations serve as broad guidelines and are not limited to only activities stated above.


  • Chasing and
    catching balloons
  • Playing water-based
    or ball games
  • Riding tricycles
    or bicycles
  • Balancing and riding
  • Catching and throwing
  • Climbing
  • Hopping, skipping,
    jumping and running
  • Kicking
  • Minimise time
    sitting in strollers
  • Walk to school,
    playground or

These recommendations serve as broad guidelines and are not limited to only activities stated above.

Read on to see how you can raise active, healthy little ones:

For more info and tips about staying healthy and fit as a family, click here.


It’s time to MOVE IT. Sign up for our fun programmes to start moving anytime, anywhere! There’s something for every age and fitness level, no matter whether you prefer solo or group activities.

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Health Promotion ​Grant for Fitness Interest Groups

Keen to start your own physical activity programme? The Health Promotion Grant (Fitness Interest Groups) is a seeding fund that encourages individuals to initiate and implement sustainable, impactful physical activity programmes in the community. Please refer to the Funding Guidelines for more details and download the application form to get started!

For enquiries please call 6435 3090 or email and

Getting active can be more rewarding than you think. Watch this space to see what exciting programmes are coming your way soon!

Great things start when you MOVE IT!
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