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Great things start when you MOVE IT!

Physical activity is important to health. Get started with HPB's physical activity programmes and get more from life today!


In view of SportSG’s advisory on the Resumption of Sport and Physical Exercise & Activity for Phase Three, HPB has reviewed its physical activity programmes and is resuming those where appropriate Safe Management Measures can be put in place. For the updated list of programmes that are resuming, please check the Healthy 365 mobile app.


Our bodies are designed to move. Keeping active everyday and clocking 150 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity per week can help:

  1. 1
    reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers
  2. 2
    strengthen bones, muscles, and joints
  3. 3
    improve balance and coordination
  4. 4
    reduce stress and anxiety for overall mental well-being
  5. 5
    maintain a healthy weight to help you look and feel good
  6. 6
    help control and maintain healthy weight

We have curated an exciting array of workouts to get you moving more. These exercises can often be done in your immediate environment and surroundings, so get moving now!

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Great things start when you MOVE IT!
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