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Shape Up with Lower Calories

Here are some simple ways for you to maintain your calorie intake.


Shape up with
lower calories

Strike a balance between calories and exercise to reduce your risk of health problems. The more calories you consume, the more energy you have to burn. Click here to find out how much calories you should be consuming for the day.

Lower your calories,
lower health risks

Keep your weight in check and lead a healthy lifestyle with lower-calorie meals.
Maintain weight and stay in shape
Maintain weight
and stay in shape
Reduce risk of obesity
Reduce risk
of obesity

500kcal is the
magic number

Your favourite meals could be a whopping 700kcal – 800kcal! Simply
swap one of your regular meals for a lower-calorie one (<500kcal).
Here are some ways to help you keep your diet light:
More protein, vegetables and wholegrain
More protein, vegetables
and wholegrain
Keep your meal a well-balanced one by having a good mix of ingredients that provides nutrition for your body.
Keep your snacks healthy
Keep your snacks healthy
If you must snack, go for lower-calorie and nutritious snacks that fill you up for longer periods of time!

Spot the Healthier Choice Symbol
at your favourite eateries

Eating out? Keep an eye out for this symbol
and enjoy dishes that are lower in calories (<500kcal).
Find out where these eateries are.

Start eating light to
stay in shape today

Find out how

Shape Up with Lower Calories
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