Benefits of Physical Activity

Besides lowering high blood pressure and reducing our risks of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, regular physical activities also help us maintain a healthy state of mind and body.

For working adults, this means increased productivity and performance at work. Employers of healthy employees benefit too. Healthy employees take fewer medical leave days and their healthcare costs are lower.

What are some ways we can encourage employees to get more active and reap the benefits of physical activity?

Ways to Encourage Employees to Get Active

#1 Encourage the Use of Stairs Instead of the Lift

Put up posters or banners near lift lobbies or stairways at your workplace to encourage your colleagues or staff to take the stairs.

Stair climbing is a simple physical activity and opportunities for this activity are easily available.

Some employees may even develop the habit of taking the stairs. This little act may spur them to be more physically active.

#2 Provide Time-off for Physical Activity

Consider giving employees time-off every week or once in two weeks to engage in physical activity. It is recommended for adults to clock at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate aerobic physical activity per week.

Many workplaces have done this and found their employees appreciative of the management's support in their pursuit of an active lifestyle.

Related: National Physical Activity Guidelines (PDF)

#3 Offer Workout Classes

Engage a fitness instructor to conduct workout classes for your employees during lunchtime or after work.

60 minutes of aerobic activity like Zumba should get their heart rate up! Muscle-strengthening activities are important too. Slot in some yogalates or Pilates classes. 

#4. Identify Ambassadors

Identify employees who are passionate about physical activity to be 'ambassadors'. As ambassadors, their role would be to encourage and influence colleagues to engage in regular physical activity.

They can do so by forming exercise or interest groups. They can also get everyone together to brainstorm ways to make exercise fun and exciting. Holding inter-department competitions and organising subsidised trekking trips to Malaysia are some ideas that might get everyone up and active.

#5 Join Healthy Workplace Ecosystem  

Health Promotion Board (HPB) provides free physical activity programmes. They are designed to make it easy for working adults to incorporate regular physical activity into their busy schedules.

There are hour-long workout sessions specially choreographed to suit people of different fitness levels. Older adults who haven’t been exercising for a while can start with a moderate activity such as a Body Art class. Ready for something more intense? There’s Cardio Blast, Fight-Do and Kpop X too.

These energy-packed workouts are perfect for employees to come together and engage in regular physical activity.

#6 Start a Running Club

Running is a fantastic way to boost your energy and put the glow back on your face. Start a running club to gear up for the next marathon or simply to start running again. Just put on your running shoes today and start running.

How about giving your running club a boost? Join one of HPB’s running programmes. They are available at many locations across Singapore. Some are led by professional trainers who also give tips on how to improve cardiovascular fitness through running.

There are also running clinics to impart knowledge and skills. Learn the various running techniques and how to prevent running injuries.

Download the HealthHub app on Google Play or Apple Store to access more health and wellness advice at your fingertips.

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