What happens when someone you know has a little too much to drink and unwittingly ruins the party for everyone else?

The Negative Effects of Alcohol on Friends

Well, in most cases, it's a good friend who cleans up after that person or even handles him/her all throughout the night which is not very fun for the good friend.

At first, the way your intoxicated friend can't stand straight or talk properly may be funny.

But as the night goes on, your friend may get harder and harder to handle. By the end of the night, what started out as a bit of harmless fun may turn into irresponsible binge drinking that can inconvenience everyone.

You may have also seen drunken girls brawling on the streets and unconscious guys sleeping outside of clubs. The effects of alcohol are not pretty to watch…

Rationalising the Effects of Alcohol or Alcohol Abuse

One could argue that it might have been their first time drinking, or that they're unfamiliar with the dangers of drinking.

These rationalisations hold little weight in today’s world as information on the negative effects of alcohol is widely available.

The Pattern of Alcohol Abuse

Often, these alcohol abuses aren't isolated incidents. They happen every weekend. The pattern repeats: drinking too much, ruining parties, and then feeling the wrath of the hangover.

Drinking has become very much part of our entertainment culture. However, it is important to avoid going overboard with alcoholic beverages.

Tips to Stay within the Alcohol Limit

Here are some tips to end the night well:

  • Space your drinks with water and mocktails – Your head will thank you for sparing it a hangover!
  • Eat before and during drinking, and avoid foods like potato or nacho chips that can make you thirsty. –
  • Work that drink. Move around, dance or chat with people instead of sitting down
  • Never trust sweet cocktails – sweet concoctions are easier to drink and don't tell you how much alcohol is in them.
  • Set limits for yourself – don't let others pressure you into drinking more than you can handle.
  • Be responsible – ultimately, you want to remember, not regret, your great night out

As you can see, enjoying a few drinks with friends doesn't have to turn you into a party pooper!

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