Ah, school holidays. It’s what you’ve waited for. Finally, a chance to catch your breath, laze around and do all those things you didn’t have time for during the school term!

But before you know it, the end of the holidays is near and you still haven't done everything you’ve wanted to!

Well, that’s not going to happen this time! Here are a few tips to help you seize the moment and get the most out of your well-deserved break.

1. Reflect a Little

Before you dive into all that holiday planning, take a moment to look back on the past few months. Is there something you would like to improve on or learn more of? Like eating more healthily, spending more time with your family, learning to code? Maybe this break would be a great time to pay attention to all the things you’ve been neglecting because of school.

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2. Plan your Activities

Before the holidays start, have a rough plan of the things you want to do. This way, you have something to look forward to and you won't spend the first part of your break figuring out what to do.

You don’t need a detailed, second-by-second schedule of activities. Just a general list of the things you really want to do: Check out a new store, learn a new sport, or pick up a skill like events management or public speaking.

You have the time now, so why not make it worthwhile.

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3. Go Offline for a While

If you want to do all the activities you’ve planned, you have to get out. And that means unplugging your computer. It'll seem hard at first, but your eyes and brain will thank you for the chance to rest.

If you really have to blog or tweet, use some apps to schedule your updates ahead of time, so you can go offline ‘guilt-free’. If anything is urgent, use your smartphone. But no aimless surfing, k?

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4. Rethink Your Habits

A lot of your daily activities are done out of habit. Some habits are good, and some, not so much.

On Facebook as soon as you wake up? Habit. Jump in the shower and wash in the exact same way you did the previous day? Habit. Have a snack at a specific moment in the day? Yup, that too.

This break could be a great time to drop a bad habit or pick one up that you've wanted to try for a while. So, maybe instead of jumping on the sofa and turning on the TV in the evening, why not get into the habit of going for a 20-minute walk after dinner?

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5. Spend Time on Yourself

New habits and routines have positive effects on your mood and attitude. Especially when they are focused on making your life more enjoyable!

So plan on doing things that will make a difference to you. Whether it’s to your appearance (makeover time!), to your fitness (take up a new sport), to your relationship with your family (dust-off the family board games), or to your community (volunteer at an animal shelter), there’ll be a new and improved you by the end of the school break.

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