Young woman shows how much weight she lost by wearing her old pants

​Lose To Win®​: Hui Chian's Success Story ​​


Together with my two sisters and Aunt, I joined the Lose To Win® weight-loss programme in 2010. I must admit that the 3 of them joined because they wanted to encourage me to lose weight. I was 97kg when I joined Lose to Win® and worked really hard during the exercise classes. Thanks to the concepts taught in Lose to Win®, I have gained a whole new perspective to weight loss. I am glad that I made the right choice of joining Lose To Win® as I was never taught such concepts before.

The coaches displayed great energy, the exercise classes were never boring and you will want to go again and again! At the end of Lose to Win® 2, I lost a total of 14kg! From there, I continued my exercise routine and calorie-counting.

Today, I weigh 67kg - 30kg lighter than I was before embarking on Lose to Win® weight-loss programme. I really thank Lose to Win® and my family for all the support I needed, and this really made a difference to my life. I hope to motivate people who are overweight to step forward to Lose to Win® 3; you will definitely benefit from the sessions and make a difference in your life!

Lose weight and gain health by joining Lose To Win®!

Like Hui Chian, you'll find plenty of support on your journey to better health - from family to the new friends you've made at Lose to Win® 3. This fun and interactive weight-loss programme in Singapore is conducted by qualified experts and focuses on exercise, nutrition and positive well-being to help you get your health into better shape. Best of all, participation is free. Places are limited so sign up now and start burning fat!

Weight Management Is a Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy body weight and body mass index (BMI) is part of a healthy lifestyle that you should keep up in the long term even after completing any weight management programme.

No matter what your goals are—whether it’s to prevent unnecessary weight gain, achieve fat loss or reducing your body fat percentage—a proper diet and exercise plan remain the best way to reach your goals safely. Healthy eating means making smart food choices regularly.

If you have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, talk to your doctor first before starting any exercise routine or diet plan.

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