​The many benefits of physical activity

Engaging in regular physical activity can reap numerous health benefits. All you have to do is to engage in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming or cycling every week.
Physical activity helps manage your weight​​​

Regular physical activity can help you get rid of excess fat. Your body burns calories as you exercise. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn! This helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Fat and carbohydrates are the fuels that our muscles burn when we exercise. Aerobic activity increases the oxygen consumption of your muscles, allowing your body to burn body fat more efficiently.​

Physical activity keeps your heart, lungs and bones healthy

Physical activity improves blood circulation through your heart, lungs and blood vessels. Your heart muscles get stronger with regular aerobic activity. You will realise that you have more energy to do the things you enjoy and won't tire so easily.

In addition, muscle-strengthening activities keeps your bones and muscles strong. Activities such as resistance training work on the major muscle groups in your body, making them stronger and more resilient. Regular muscle-strengthening activities also increase bone density which can help prevent osteoporosis.

  • ​Tip: Perform 8-10 exercises including all major muscle groups at least twice a week. Each exercise should consist of 8-12 repetitions.

Physical activity makes you feel good

Physical activity can enhance your emotional and psychological well-being by improving your self-esteem. Your body releases chemicals called endorphins when you exercise. Endorphins are "feel-good" chemicals that uplift your mood and can even reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Physical activity keeps diseases away
Regular physical activity reduces the risk of:
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • stroke
  • osteoporosis
  • some cancers

With a total of two to three hours of physical activity a week, you can reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases and enjoy a better quality of life.

Reap the rewards of physical activity

Don't miss out on the excellent health benefits that physical activity can bring you. Let's get active today! When you're planning on jogging, line dancing, swimming, rollerblading, rock climbing or playing football – it does not matter. Physical activity in any form is not only good for you but it can and should be fun!

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