Local rock band Black Diamond Ninjas has begun to take the local rock scene by storm. The band, which started off playing cover songs of classic hard rock bands like Metallica and Guns n' Roses, has now evolved into writing and performing its very own original rock pieces. The band's popularity is on the rise, and they're enjoying even more invitations to play at numerous events, with an ever-growing fan base to boot!

Managing Stress the Ninja Way

Attaining such success takes patience, discipline and hard work. Organising gigs, practising songs, dealing with equipment malfunction and managing band members' creative sensitivities can all be quite trying. And all this while trying to balance a demanding day job and a limitless passion for music, as is the case for all of the band members. After a long day at work, anyone can get touchy or cranky, and lack of sleep or excessive stress can strain relationships.

Thankfully, this isn't the case for Black Diamond Ninjas: they prefer to perfect their art in a friendly and constructive manner, while incorporating fun along the way!

Far from the stereotype of tortured and self-destructive rock stars, the band members take pride in the fact that they tackle everyday challenges with a positive and wholesome attitude. They regularly discuss each other's opinions, and tackle any misunderstandings before they become disruptive arguments.

Quitting Smoking: A Difficult but Rewarding Journey

Guitarist Adam Liau used to be a smoker and recently decided to quit for a variety of reasons. One of which being the birth of his baby daughter, whom he wants to see grow up in a healthy environment. Adam's quit journey wasn't easy, but with the encouragement from his wife and his band mates he has managed to give up his cigs.

Hannah Foong, the band's new lead singer, is also an ex-smoker. She agrees that quitting smoking was possibly the best thing she's ever done, especially since she sings professionally and relies heavily on her voice. As lead singer, one can get quite breathless after a few songs. Even worse, a singer's vocal chords and vocal range are quite negatively affected by smoking, a strong factor that helped Hannah stay on the right track during her challenging quit journey.


Generally speaking, risky and destructive behaviours are never helpful in creative or artistic processes. Think back to all those painters, actors and musicians who realised – sometimes the hard way – that drugs, alcohol, and tobacco only give the illusion of artistic genius, when actually they can alienate friends, family, and fans.

Free Without You

The band's outlook on life is accurately depicted in their single "Free Without You". The song is partly Adam's story of quitting tobacco, but has also a much more universal message and appeal to it:

"I will live
Without you
I will live
When you are gone

In fact my life
Is better
My mind is clear and I can see
Without you
I am free"

Interpreted on another level, the song is also about breaking free from bad habits, bad influences, and bad feelings. It tells young people that they shouldn't let negative things hold them back, whether at school, at work, or in relationships.

Most of all, the song acknowledges that quitting is a difficult choice to make and an even more difficult path to take, but it is the smart choice. No one can make the decision for you, no one can push you to quit something you do not want to quit. But once you realis​e you need or want to quit, then there's no need to wait, the time is NOW.


The Black Diamond Ninjas has chosen to support HPB's "Live It Up!" campaign, to encourage youth to stay positive and live it up without lighting up.