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Clear, radiant skin. It’s got to be genetic, no?

Well, sure — good genes play a part, but you’ll be surprised to find that good skin isn’t just a story about mum’s good complexion or loads of skin care products.

In fact, there’s plenty you can do to make your skin glow. Hint: your skin is what you eat (or drink).

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The Wonders of Water


Not the mist, the drink. What’s so good about sky juice? Well, it helps keep your skin perky, it helps to flush out waste from your body and it keeps you cool. For some added flavour, consider jazzing up your 6 to 8 glasses of water by infusing with herbs, or sliced fruit. You can also consider drinking unsweetened, beverages that have no calories such as floral teas or green tea.

Anti-oxidant Rich Food

Array of fruits and vegetables that are good for skin

Your veggies provide you with more than just good stomach health! The vitamin C and other nutrients make veggies a great source of anti-oxidants which help you preserve youth and glow. An added plus: anti-oxidants increase your resistance to illnesses.

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Cool, Cool Shade

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Ultraviolet, or UV rays give you get a tan in the sun as well as wrinkles and discolourations. That dark, shiny tan might help you look sporty now, but it’s going to make you look older faster, too. If you’re in the sun a lot, make sure you get rich sources of vitamin C and E in your diet to reduce the damage to your skin, as well as anti-oxidants. Oh, and bring your sunscreen too.

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Smoke’s No Joke

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It doesn’t matter if it’s you or the people who are smoking around you — both personal and second-hand smoke destroys your skin’s natural glow and youthfulness.

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Stay Clean

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It’s important to keep your skin clean and clear. Wash twice a day: in the morning to exfoliate and in the evening to get rid of the grime and any makeup you put on.

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Beauty Sleep

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7-9 hours of good, restful sleep helps boost the immune system and gets rid of toxins accumulated through the day. Plus, sleep is a great way to combat stress, which is another source of ageing.

These six steps are easy tips you can do every day to keep your skin healthy and glowing from within!

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