Life changes can affect your mental wellness

Some of us have had big dreams since the day we could talk, while others like to go with the flow and take things as they come. Some of us are content as long as we get to do what we want, while others live their lives under a set of expectations they have to fulfil.

There are too many possibilities! No one approach is better than the other. However, no matter what path you choose, you will encounter changes. Just like the saying goes,

Change is the only constant.

So one way to prepare for life is to prepare for change. Let's find out how.​​

The 3 As to prepare for life changes and boost your mental wellbeing:

ANTICIPATE the next phase of your life.

Don't be caught off guard - Prepare for it before it sneaks up on you.

ACQUIRE the knowledge and skills needed to transit into this next phase of life.

Read up and talk to those who've done it before. Look up on Google search and go all out to be a knowledge junkie.

ALLY yourself with those who will help you ease into changes and transitions by providing support. Your family members and friends can be a great help. They may support you emotionally, mentally or even financially.


Your mind may be all set and prepared for the change you've anticipated, yet you still get caught off guard - It's harder than you thought. You've entered your new environment, and everything's making you uneasy, you're getting nervous about things that never made you nervous before, and you're worried about the smallest of details. Don't get bogged down by negatives and the 'can't do' attitude. Instead, set your mind to emerge as a winner for better mental wellbeing.

Here are some strategies to manage life changes when you're at it:

1) Be AWARE:

It's good to be mindful of the changes you're experiencing and the gains and losses that come with the changes.


Acknowledge that changes are inevitable and here to stay.


You can adjust to the changes by:​

  • Focusing on the positives and find learning points in the negative.
  • Getting involved!
  • Having patience and giving yourself ample time to adjust.
  • Talking to someone if necessary.

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