Beating exam stress starts with learning how to reduce stress.

It might be true for you that ice cream helps to calm those nerves down for about 15mins. But you know that once you return to face the piles of books and notes, the stress of exam time will come rushing back.

You don't have much time left, and you've got loads to cover before the exam period starts. You want to start but the stress is killing you. What's an anxious student to do?

Use exam stress management tips to tackle exam stress and boost your mental wellbeing.

How to Beat Exam Stress

All's not lost. If you want to beat exam stress in a jiffy, here's stuff you can do right now.

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#1 Form a Study Group

Look for friends who are determined to get some studying done. Form a study group to discuss and clarify exam questions. Choose a place that's generally quiet and conducive to studying.

#2 Practice Time Management During Exams

Good time management will reduce exam stress and anxiety.

​Perhaps you're stressed because you don't know how much time you have and how you can use it best. Here's how you can start getting some control. Take time out now to look at how much time you've left and be realistic about what you can and cannot cover for the exams. Prioritise the things you need to study and leave the least important things for the last.

#3 Get Sufficient Rest Before Your Exam

Research tells us that the brain processes and organises information while you sleep. That means you're going to be thinking better, feeling fresher and getting smarter - just by taking that nap. Get a good night’s sleep - at least 7 hours of sleep each night! 

Getting the minimum hours of sleep before an exam ensures you are completely alert and ready to face the challenge ahead. Aside from getting sufficient rest before the exams, make an effort to ignore the instinctive reaction to over-analyse every impossible detail. Don't let self-doubt, stress and anxiety cloud your judgement and affect your mental wellbeing. Try looking at this as a great opportunity that can be turned around to your advantage.

#4 Watch What You Eat

Wondering what food to eat before exams? Stay away from junk food and heavy meals as they make you less energetic. Try having some wholegrain-based meals or salads that are easy on your digestive system and keep your energy high. A healthy diet works wonders for both minds and bodies.

#5 Maintain a Positive Attitude

There's not a lot more you can do apart from putting in your best effort. Once you've checked your pens, calculator and made those second checks that the dictionary is in the bag, relax. Take several deep breaths in, and out, to channel all the negative energy to one point. Then exhale those adverse feelings from the mind and body.

Re-invigorated with a positive attitude, remind yourself that you have done your best. So what if your study method isn't perfect now? Don't fret. Maintain a positive attitude about it and make a promise to yourself that you'll prepare better next time.

We know that the exam period can be stressful. Use these exam stress strategies to manage your stress and boost your mental wellbeing.

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