Hit these smoke-free milestones and give yourself a treat!

Who needs nicotine to activate our brains' 'reward centre'? We already reap a plethora of rewards from the day we stub out, with gains to our health, wealth and the family's well-being. Go ahead and treat yourself along your quit journey, too - here are some ideas!


Reward Yourself

8 hours is excellent!

The first day is always tough, so who's to say you don't deserve a reward after your first eight hours?

By now your carbon monoxide levels would ld have dropped, and oxygen levels increased to a normal, healthy range.

We say you should treat yourself to some musical inspiration. Need ideas? The official I Quit Spotify playlist is always handy. Download your triumphant 'quit song' to your mobile, and boogie on!

2 days, hang in there

Now that your sense of smell and your taste buds are functioning better, it's the perfect excuse to go on a foodie trip and savour that dish you've always wanted to try. You might just love it more.

3 days, keep going

Your bronchial tubes are relaxed enough to make breathing easier, and you feel more energised.

Take a wacky selfie to commemorate your third smoke-free day, and upload it to the I Quit Club on Facebook! You can connect with and share your journey with others there, and find tips on how to keep going.

1-month, well done!

Great job! At this point statistics show you are five times more likely to quit for good. Post about your 28-day success and expect the congratulations to start pouring in! And, have you claimed your I-Quit Countdown incentive yet*?

2 months, terrific

Tingling with anticipation? Actually it could just be the sensation you get as your circulation improves. Treat yourself to a massage or a pedicure.

Thriving at 3 months

It's a good time to think about baby bonuses! Sperm quality for men will have returned to normal by now, and fertility for women improved. Your next I-Quit Countdown incentive is due, so woo your significant other with a shopping trip.

4 months, fantastic!

Walking and other aerobic exercises are easier now. Celebrate renewed health with a sport you've not tried before, or download a new fitness app.

A fanfare for 5 months

Keep it up!

Sensational 6 months

Half a year is nothing to sneeze at - in fact, you can say goodbye to sinus congestion, coughing, tiredness and shortness of breath. Reward yourself or gift your quit supporter with a bouquet of roses, which also doubles as a decoration for the home. Don't forget to collect your I-Quit Countdown incentive* for this month, too.

1 year, congrats!

Congratulations! Your risk of a smoking-related heart attack is down by 50%. Mark this Quitversary with a party with your supporters, complete with cake and candle.

5 years fabulous

Your risk of mouth, throat and esophageal cancer is halved, (not to mention your breath smells a lot better too). Complete the effect by getting your teeth polished, because you know they will stay beautiful way longer than before.

10 years turbo-charged

Staying smoke-free for a decade is a big deal! Your risk of lung cancer is now reduced by 50%, and the risk of bladder, kidney and pancreatic cancers has also decreased.

This calls for another party - how about a movie marathon?

15 years and flourishing

You've hit the jackpot! At this stage, your risk of getting a heart attack or a stroke is no higher than the next non-smoker. It's not just you that's hale and hearty, either - by now your bank account is looking pretty healthy, what with all those savings from quitting. So go ahead and get that holiday/staycation/cruise you've always dreamt of. You deserve it!

*This is only applicable to I Quit participants who have validated their smoking status before the start of their quit date. To qualify for participation in the programme, you must be a smoker that is either a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Remember: the benefits continue for years after your last cigarette, and that's the best reward.

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