Track all your medical appointments in the hospital appointment app

As we get older, our responsibilities pile on: getting married, having kids, our parents getting older... these changes mean we have more people to take care of while juggling our full-time jobs, finances, and personal well-being.

Why We Shouldn’t Miss Our Medical Appointments

When we’re busy fighting fires at work, taking care of elderly parents, or helping the kids with revision, it’s easy to let personal health take a backseat, for example, putting off making medical appointments or missing them because something urgent cropped up and we haven’t got the time to reschedule.

You might think that it’s no big deal because you feel just fine, but putting your health last could take its toll and lead to bigger issues over time, especially if you have a chronic condition like high blood pressure or diabetes.

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So, what can you do?

Here’s something to make managing your medical appointments easier: HealthHub’s appointments e-service. Use the online service anytime, anywhere, to make or reschedule appointments at public health institutions (e.g. Polyclinics), and to keep track of your appointments.

Let’s see how the e-service could come in useful.

Shift Workers

Making an appointment is easier with the hospital appointment app

Scenario: Subir is a shift worker who has made a doctor’s appointment for a follow-up on his chronic high blood pressure.

As a shift worker, Subir finds it tough to take time off from work. He managed to get two hours off work for a follow-up Polyclinic appointment for his hypertension. But when he got to the Polyclinic, he was dismayed to see a long queue.

After waiting for almost an hour and realising he wasn’t close to being called, Subir decided to give up and make his way back to work, not wanting to miss his shift and lose the money.

During his lunch break, he rescheduled his follow-up appointment, but found the process a hassle: it was especially troublesome when he could not settle on a date in the first call, and had to make another call after checking his shift schedule and moving some things around.

Hassle-Free Rescheduling of Medical Appointments

With the appointments e-service, you can now make or reschedule appointments without hassle: simply log in to MyHealth with your SingPass account, select the relevant public healthcare institution, follow the on-screen instructions.

This means zero wait time on the phone, and gives shift-workers like Subir some time to consult their schedules before settling on suitable dates and time slots.

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Caregivers can easily make medical appointments on HealthHub just like hospital appointment apps

Scenario: Nancy, who has a full-time job, is a caregiver for her ill, elderly mum. She’s been meaning to make a medical appointment following a doctor’s referral, but she hardly has the time to schedule one.

A few months back, Nancy got a referral from her doctor to see a heart specialist. She meant to call for an appointment as soon as possible, but her mum fell ill during that period, and Nancy’s appointment immediately took a backseat.

She knows she’s been sitting on the referral for months, but her full 8-hour workdays and taking care of her mum after work means she only gets to take a breather at around 1 am — by which time the clinics have closed, and she can no longer call to make an appointment.

Physically and mentally exhausted, the thought of calling to set up an appointment is also unappealing, so Nancy has been putting off the call indefinitely.

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Manage medical appointments anytime, anywhere

How can the appointments e-service help? Using the e-service, you can reschedule your medical appointments any time of the day, anywhere you are.

Informal caregivers with full-time jobs like Nancy no longer need to take precious time out of their day to call the clinic or hospital, and can instead make and reschedule medical appointments as and when they can.

Make it a Point to Make Your Medical Appointments

This year, make it your New Year’s resolution to set your health as a priority and manage your medical appointments with a little help from the appointments e-service.

Use the appointments e-service to manage your appointments anytime, anywhere:

  1. Book medical appointments at public health institutions.
  2. Reschedule or cancel existing medical appointments in case something urgent crops up.
  3. Sync medical appointments to your calendar so you can keep track of your medical appointments, along with your other duties and responsibilities. Especially useful if you have multiple medical appointments at more than one clinic.

And if you haven’t already done it, download the HealthHub app (Android, iOS) to access the e-service and view, make, or change your medical appointments on the go.

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