There are several benefits of quitting smoking.

7 Reasons Why Singaporeans Quit Smoking For Good

Thinking of quitting smoking but need extra motivation?
Here are the health benefits you can look forward to when you stop smoking.

8 Hours

Carbon monoxide and oxygen levels return to normal. You feel more awake and alert when you stop smoking - now you can spot that 'Saman Aunty' from afar.

48 Hours

Taste and smell return to normal - you can detect the scent of mao shan wang durians further away.

72 Hours

Breathing eases when you stop smoking for 72 hours. You won't be panting trying to keep up with the young ones in your company.

3 Months

Blood pressure returns to normal - so your girlfriend's spending can drive it up again.

Sperm count returns to normal. For women, fertility improves. Time to chip in to help with SG population issues.

1 Year

Risk of smoking-related heart attacks decreases by 50%. So you can tahan when urgent deadlines suddenly pile up.

10 Years

Risk of lung bladder, kidney and pancreatic cancer decreases, so you can live longer and influence more young people to quit smoking.

Quit smoking and reap the health benefits today.

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