The cost of smoking could be more than you realise.

Quit Smoking, Save Money

Stop smoking and get more from life with the money saved every year!

1 pack a day = $4745 a year*
* Based on assumption that a pack costs $13, times 365 days (1 pack/day).

Here is what you can do with $4,745 a year!

1 Family Travel package for 4 to Taiwan
Travel package for 4 based on a range of $888 - $1288/pax to Taiwan.

5 Years of health insurance for the family
Insurance for 2 kids, 2 adults based on range of $14 - $24 monthly premium per child (1-18), and $18 - $40 monthly premium per adult(19 - 45).

12 Months of utility phone and internet bills

Total bill of $395/month based on average utility bill of $148, average internet bill of $46, and average mobile bill of $50(times 4 family members).

17 Days of staycation in a chalet
Staycation days based on a nightly rate of $280 (peak).

23 Enrichment classes for kids
No. of enrichment classes based on the average costs ranging from $15/month for Taekwondo lessons at the CC, to $400/month for private violin lessons.

62 Theme park tickets
No. of theme park tickets based on ticket cost of $76/pax.

118 Atas ("High class") cafe dates with your partner
No. of dates based on a $20/pax meal at a cafe, with an average price range of $10 - $30.

527 Movie tickets (1.5 years' worth)
No. of movie tickets based on average ticket cost of $9/pax on weekdays.

4562 Cups of Kopi-O Kosong (12.5 years' worth)
No. of cups of Kopi-O Kosong based on average cost of $1.04 (across different kopitiams and food courts).

Saving more money each year is one of the many incentives to quit smoking.

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