Stop smoking and gain control of diabetes mellitus.

Why Is Quitting Smoking so Important for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus?

Smoking makes problems caused by diabetes much worse. It damages your blood vessels, decreases blood flow to your legs and feet, and increases your risk of having a heart attack. Smoking also causes sexual impotence.

But it is never too late to stop smoking. If you stop now, your body will start to repair itself.

Some Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

  • Don’t say: “I’ll never be able to stop smoking!” Instead of focusing on how hard it is to quit, just take it one day at a time.
  • If you don’t succeed in your first attempt to quit, just keep trying. Don’t give up. You are doing your body a favour every time you try to quit. And you are getting closer to quitting for good!
  • You can consider joining a smoking cessation clinic, which offers counselling and medication to help you quit.

It may be difficult, but it is not impossible to stop smoking even if you have smoked for many years. Many smokers have tried and succeeded in stopping. So, give yourself a chance. Stop smoking today!

Where Can I Get Help to Stop Smoking?

Smoking cessation services are available in various polyclinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other private centres. If you need help to quit, get an appointment to see a smoking cessation consultant at any of these services. You can also call Quitline (1800–438 2000).

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