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Help stop the spread of COVID-19 with this contact tracing application developed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MOH)


What is the TraceTogether app?

A person who has been in contact with someone infected with COVID-19 has a higher chance of being infected. When the person exposed can be identified through contact tracing, he or she can get adequate care and treatment.

Identifying those who have been exposed involves interviewing the person infected. The person infected recounts their movements and all the people they have been in contact with before and after testing positive for COVID-19.

TraceTogether is an app that is designed to supplement current contact tracing efforts. It works by exchanging short-distance Bluetooth signals between phones to detect other participating TraceTogether users in close proximity.

Records of such encounters are stored locally on each user’s phone. If a user is interviewed by MOH as part of the contact tracing efforts, he/she can consent to send his/her TraceTogether data to MOH.

This facilitates the contact tracing process and enables contact tracers to inform TraceTogether users who are close contacts of COVID-19 cases more quickly. Informed, users can take the necessary action sooner, such as monitoring his own health closely for signs of flu-like symptoms. Early detection could potentially help reduce the risk of the spread of the virus, and better protect our families and loved ones

The TraceTogether app is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store. For more details, visit

Key Benefits

  • If you’re exposed, you’ll be contacted more quickly and you’ll be able to get tested earlier. If you show symptoms, they’ll be detected earlier and you can quickly get yourself treated.
  • Likewise, if your family members or friends are exposed, they’ll also be contacted more quickly and tested earlier. And if they show symptoms, these will be detected earlier and they can quickly get themselves treated.
  • The app supports healthcare workers and contact tracers. When you use the app, you’ll be part of a larger community committed to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Key Features

  • The application is simple and easy-to-use. Simply download the app, grant the app permission to log data and turn on your Bluetooth.
  • The mobile app uses Bluetooth signals to determine if you are near another TraceTogether user. No location data is collected.
  • The data logged by the app remains encrypted in the mobile device where it is installed at all times. Only those who test positive for COVID-19 will be asked to share the data logged to speed up contact tracing.
  • TraceTogether is voluntary. Users opt-in and can withdraw their consent at any time. The app’s functionality is active only during outbreaks and when contact tracing is a critical part of stopping the spread.

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