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Healthy 365 app

Healthy 365 is a health and diet tracking mobile application brought to you by the Health Promotion Board.


What is Healthy 365 mobil​e app?

Healthy 365 is a health and diet tracking mobile application brought to you by the Health Promotion Board.

The free app enables you to track your daily steps count and calculate the corresponding calories burned as you move.​​ It also helps to track your daily food & drinks intake and the corresponding calories consumed. ​

By putting together the concept of caloric balance, the Healthy 365 app provides an overview of your overall daily calories consumed and burned, aiding you in your weight management journey for a healthier lifestyle.

The Healthy 365 mobile app is available for download on App Store and Google Play Store. 


Steps Dashboard Pre Sign up Diet Tracking

Key features include:

  • Health Challenges that enable you to step up to get healthy, win prizes or earn points and redeem rewards (applicable for the National Steps ChallengeTM and other published challenges)

  • Diet tracking journal with access to over 1,000 local food and drinks database, capturing calories and nutritional information

  • History charts to keep records of your past steps count, active time and distance covered, calorie intake and output, and weight

  • Nearby listing and map views on HPB health events, healthier eateries,, exercise facilities and routes in your vicinity

  • Compatible with HPB fitness trakcer, S Health mobile app (Steps only) and Samsung devices, Actxa mobile app and devices (Heart-rate syncing coming soon), HealthKit mobile app, Fitbit and in-device motion trackers, Polar mobile app and Garmin mobile app.

Important Note:

For optimum usages, please ensure your phone is set to Singapore Timezone (GMT +8).

For any enquiries, please call our hotline at 1800 567 2020 or email us at​

​​​​​How do I use ​​​the Diet Tracking feature on the Healthy 365 app?

​​​​1. Tap on Dashboard.

Here, you are able to monitor your overall calorie intake vs output on daily basis. 

Log your food journal by selecting from our local food and drinks database. You can do so, by tapping on 'Add Food/Drinks' on this dashboard. 

If you have consumed more than your calories burned, you will see a notification within the dashbaord that you have over-consumed.

​​​​2. Tap on Dashboard, swipe to the Diet dashboard. 

Here, you will be able to view your top 3 highest calories food and drinks consumed for the day.

You can also log your food journal by tapping on 'View Food Journal' on this dashboard.

3. After tapping on 'View Food Journal', you will see your consumption trail view for the day.

To see detailed information on the specific food item, select the food item.

Choose 'Add Meal' if you wish to log in more food or drinks consumed. 

Tap on 'Edit' if you wish to change the food and drinks that you have already input.

4. After tapping on 'Add Meal', you will see a food selection page.

There are 4 ways to search for the food or drinks you wish to log into your food journal. 

a. Quick List​

This list populates the food and drinks that you consume on a regular basis. You can add to your food journal by selecting the '+' sign.

You can also add to your favourites list by tapping on the 'star' icon.

b. Smart Search

Input the food or drink item into the search bar on top of the page. Tap on the '+' sign to add your food journal.

c. By Type

You can search for the food by cuisine, and by supermarket groceries, and by drinks.

d. Filter by Calories

This function is useful for cases where you wish to search for specific food or drinks that are within your preferred calorie range. 

​​​​5. To view detailed information on the food or drink, select the food or drink item within the food journal.

Here, you can see the calorie value of the food item, and the corresponding active time you need to spend on brisk walking to burn it off.

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Healthy 365 app
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