Cancer Support Groups

Cancer support groups can help address the concerns of cancer patients and their families.

A cancer support group can be of valuable assistance to the patient and his family. Being part of a support group links patients to others in a similar situation and offers the opportunity to share knowledge, and consequently learn how to better cope with the disease. Different cancer support groups provide different services catering to different patients, but most offer peer-to-peer get-togethers, often with a range of other activities such as educational talks, workshops, social and recreational events, and outings, which offer support for cancer patients.

Some cancer support groups are as follows:

Singapore Cancer Society Multi-Service Centre 
9 Bishan Place #06-05
Junction 8 Office Tower
Singapore 579837
Tel: 65 6499 9133

Singapore Cancer Society Rehabilitation Centre 
52 Jurong Gateway Road #08-04
JEM Office Tower
Singapore 608550
Tel: 65 6661 0590 

The Singapore Cancer Society currently has six support groups that are open to patients and survivors at any stage of their cancer. Spouses or caregivers are encouraged to participate and membership is free. These programmes are:

SCS SemiColon Support Group
For those affected by colorectal cancer (colon and rectum cancer)
The SCS SemiColon Support Group (CSG) aims to rehabilitate newly-operated ostomates to enable them to adjust to a new quality lifestyle.

Meetings are held every fourth Saturday of the month, 2pm–5pm, at the SCS Multi-Service Centre.

SCS New Voice Club
For those affected by laryngeal cancer (ear, nose and throat cancer)
Formed in 1985, the SCS New Voice Club (NVC) provides rehabilitation support by helping members learn how to speak again, with or without speech devices. It also reaches out to new patients and renders emotional support to members and their families in coping with a “new voice” after the surgery. These speech practice sessions conducted by its members have proven to be very effective in cancer rehabilitation, with significant progress made in the speech of the participants. 

Meetings are held every Tuesday, 12pm–2pm, at the SCS Multi-Service Centre.

SCS Reach to Recovery
For those affected by breast cancer
Established in 1973, the SCS Reach to Recovery (RTR) aims to help women cope with challenges brought about by the diagnosis of breast cancer. 

Meetings are held every fourth Saturday of the month, 10am–12noon, at the SCS Multi-Service Centre.

SCS Walnut Warriors
For men affected by prostate cancer
The SCS Walnut Warriors (WW) provides psychological support and encouragement to men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

WW members can also join the Man Plan Exercise Programme, which offers rehabilitation for cancer patients in the form of  a resistance exercise class designed to reduce fatigue and improve muscular fitness for prostate cancer patients who have undergone hormone treatment.

Meetings are held every second Saturday of the month, 2pm–5pm, at the SCS Multi-Service Centre.

SCS Lung Support Group
For those affected by lung cancer
The SCS Lung Cancer Support Group was formed to provide peer-to-peer support meetings from within the lung cancer community. 

Meetings are held every third Thursday of the month, 3.30pm–5.30pm, at the SCS Rehabilitation Centre.

SCS Bishana Ladies Group
For female patients and survivors affected by any type of cancer
Bishana stands for Brave, Inspiring Survivors with Hopeful, Aspiring and Noble Attitudes.

This support group aims to help women cope with challenges brought about by cancer. 

Bishana (Bishan) meetings are held every third Friday of the month, 6.30pm–9pm, at the SCS Multi-Service Centre.

Bishana (JEM) meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month, 10am–12.30pm, at the SCS Rehabilitation Centre.

Children's Cancer Foundation — KKH Family Support Centre 
Level 6, Children's Tower, Room 6M35
KK Women's & Children's Hospital
100 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229899
Tel: 65 6297 0203

The Children's Cancer Foundation focuses on helping children diagnosed with cancer to cope with their medical conditions. It provides parents with professional counselling to help them understand the needs of their child and enable them to cope better with their child's illness.

Therapeutic Play
Therapeutic play activities aim to maximise the child's quality of life. Once diagnosed with cancer, the child has to go through various transitions, as well as experience a great deal of discomfort from treatment. Therapeutic play allows the child to do activities which bring forth a sense of normalcy and facilitates the development of supportive relationships throughout the family.

Parent Support Programme
This programme provides parents with a chance to receive mutual support from other parents who are faced with similar situations. Parents can increase their understanding of how to cope with cancer, and have an avenue to express their deepest concerns and fears in dealing with this crisis.

Breast Cancer Foundation 
5 Stadium Walk,
Kallang Leisure Park, #04-03/08
Singapore 397693
Tel: 65 6352 6560

The Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) recognises that it is crucial for the patient to remain mentally well in order to recover quickly. It provides support to help patients deal with the physical, psychological, and emotional demands of coping with the disease.

The BCF also aims to help patients understand the support system available within the hospital, which will increase the patient's confidence and give them better control of their situation.

The Revival Connection 
National Cancer Centre Singapore
11 Hospital Drive
Singapore 169610
Tel: 65 6436 8117


The Revival Connection is a support group tailored for survivors of recurrent cancers. This support group provides services, such as allowing patients with similar conditions to encourage and share their experiences with one another, as well as helping those who have survived the ordeal to maintain a positive outlook on life.

6A Napier Road, Gleneagles Hospital Level 3,
Singapore 258500
Tel: 65 6738 9333

CanHOPE is a non-profit cancer counselling & support service initiated by Parkway Cancer Centre.

As part of the holistic approach towards cancer treatment, CanHOPE works closely with the medical & allied health professionals, offering a wide range of resources & information about cancer in helping patients & their caregivers to make effective, informed decisions in their treatment journey.

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