Breast Cancer Support Group

Breast Support Group: National University Cancer Institute


NCIS’ Breast Support Group provides knowledge, support and comfort for breast cancer patients and survivors. 


The Breast Support Group is coordinated and facilitated by trained oncology nurses from the Oncology Nursing Division of the National Cancer Institute Singapore (NCIS). Established in 2001, the group is made up of survivors, patients, their primary caregivers and NCIS nurses. It is open to patients affected by breast cancer.

Our Mission

The Breast Support Group aims to reach out to breast cancer patients and survivors. Through the sharing of experiences and interaction among patients and survivors, the Breast Support Group hopes to provide knowledge, support and comfort to patients who may have problems coping with the cancer and its side effects.

What We Have to Offer

• Provide information and support on current treatments, coping strategies and rehabilitation to patients and caregivers

• Allows for opportunities to listen to others, share personal experiences, encourage one another and feel encouraged

• Increase patients and caregivers’ bonding, and access with other cancer survivors


Activities and Programmes

• Meetings to facilitate sharing among patients, doctors and caregivers

• Periodic educational talks

• "NCIS Celebrates Life!" party to celebrate the end-of-year festivities and to look forward to a new year ahead

For a complete calendar of the year's activities, please click here.

Breast Cancer Support Group

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