Dementia Support Groups (Singapore)

Coping with dementia is challenging — both for patients and caregivers. Here’s how dementia support groups in Singapore can help.


Coping with Dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia, a set of conditions characterised by a decline of one’s mental capacity, is not just difficult for people with the disease, it also poses significant levels of stress for those caring for them.

Dementia Support Groups in Singapore

Dementia support groups from Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital (KTPH) and the National Neuroscience Institute may provide significant comfort and practical advice to your loved one struggling with dementia and his or her caregivers. These groups offer opportunities for interaction between caregivers and care recipients, and experienced dementia care teams.

Dementia support group sessions at KTPH are free and open to all. Topics that may be discussed include prevention of the condition, tips for coping with dementia, the impact of diet and available occupational therapy activities for dementia patients. The group meets on the last Saturday of odd months, from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

For enquiries on the support group and its activities, please email the Dementia Care Team at:


Call on These When You Need Help
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Caregiver Training
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Agency for Integrated Care
Dementia Support Groups (Singapore)

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