Bicalutamide Tablet

Bicalutamide is a drug that is used to treat prostate cancer. It works by blocking the effect of a male sex hormone - testosterone.

What is this medication used for​

Bicalutamide is a drug that is used to treat prostate cancer. It works by blocking the effect of a male sex hormone - testosterone.​​


Dosage and How to Use

It is a tablet that you take by mouth at the same time every day. It can be taken with food or on an empty stomach, with a glass of water or juice.

Missed a Dose

If you miss a dose of Bicalutamide, take it as soon as you can if it is within 12 hours of the missed dose. If it is over 12 hours since your missed dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your usual dosing times.


Side Effects, Precautions, Contraindication

​​What are the side effects of Bicalu​tamide?​

  • Nausea​ and vomiting may occur and should subside as treatment continues.

    If nausea occurs, eat and drink in smaller portions, but more frequentl​y. 

  • Hot flushes can sometimes occur when you first start taking Bicalutamide.

    If this occurs, take the tablet at bedtime. If night sweat interferes with sleep, try taking the tablet in the morning. 

  • Breast swelling or soreness, decreased sexual ability or desire may occur. This will return to normal when the treatment is stopped.

  • Constipation or diarrhea may occur.

    Exercise if you can, and drink sufficient amount of fluids.

Inform your doctor if any of the following occurs:

  • Skin rashes, hives or itching 
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  • Confusion or dizziness


Handling and​ Storage​

Store Bicalutamide tablets out of the reach of children, at room temperature, away from heat, light and moisture. ​


Additional Information

​​​​​​​Other name:​ Casodex®

If you have any questions, please call your pharmacist at the National Cancer Centre. The side effects listed above are those that occur frequently. Other side effects may occur. Please contact your doctor to report.

Disclaimer: The National Cancer Centre Singapore does not endorse or promote the use of any product mentioned in this booklet.  The information is presented in a summary to provide an understanding and for knowledge only, and may not contain information about all aspects of care.  It does not recommend self-management of health problems or replace consultation with your doctor.  You should never disregard medical advice or delay seeking treatment because of something you have read in this booklet.

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