Administration leaflet: Dissolving Sachets

Medication Information Leaflet

1. If you are directed to use half a sachet, remember to flatten the sachet first to ensure that the medicine is evenly distributed.

2. Fold the sachet into half.


3. Tear or cut the top of the sachet.


4. Pour approximately half the content or the whole content, depending on the dose indicated on the medication label, into a cup.
5. Add water into the cup.

Water should be boiled and cooled down to room temperature.
  • Acetylcysteine granules
    • Use a small quantity of water 
  • Sodium zirconium cyclosilicate granules
    • Use approximately 45mL of water
  • Cholestyramine, Ispaghula husk, urinary alkalizer powders (e.g. Citravescent® and Ural®)
    • Use a full cup of water (approximately 200-250mL)
  • Macrogol 4000
    • Use a full cup of water (approximately 200-250mL) for one sachet or half cup of water for half a sachet. 
    • You may also use other beverages such as fruit juices or milk for dissolving Macrogol powder, but do not use soda.

6. Stir to dissolve/disperse the powder.

(make sure you stir the powder again if the powder settles before drinking)

7. Drink the entire solution in the cup.

You may wish to use a syringe to administer the solution to younger children.


If you take more than the recommended dose, please seek medical advice immediately. The information provided on this page does not replace information from your healthcare professional. Please consult your healthcare professional for more information.

This article is jointly developed by members of the National Medication Information workgroup. The workgroup consists of cluster partners (National Healthcare Group, National University Health System and SingHealth), community pharmacies (Guardian, Unity and Watsons) and Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore. The content does not reflect drug availability and supply information in pharmacies and healthcare institutions. You are advised to check with the respective institutions for such information.

Last updated on Feb 2021

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