Community Nursing and Basic Health Services for Seniors

Find out how a senior citizen can access geriatric assessment, basic health services and community nursing at one of Alexandra Health’s Community Nurse Posts.

As part of the Ageing-in-Place Programme, Alexandra Health set up Community Nurse Posts (CNPs) in community clubs, residents’ committees and voluntary welfare organisations in Nee Soon and Sembawang Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs). These CNPs are part of Alexandra Health’s strategy to reach out to older residents in the heartlands and make it more convenient for them to access preventive healthcare services.

What to Expect at a Community Nurse Post

At these CNPs, our community nurses are on-hand to provide the following services:
    Basic health services, such as blood pressure checks and blood glucose testing
    Geriatric assessment (for first-time visitors)
    Referrals to community resources*

The CNPs are conveniently located and provide easy access to basic nursing aid and personalised health and lifestyle advice. Nurses conduct geriatric assessments to detect chronic disease and functional limitations in the early stages, and share anticipatory health advice and education. CNPs also collaborate with community partners and grassroots leaders to bring targeted assistance to those in need.

Where to Find a Community Nurse Post

CNPs are located in neighbourhoods across Singapore.

*Community resources include referrals to the Essential, Optional and Enhancement for Active Seniors Improvement (EASE) programme for home safety retrofitting, North West Community Development Council for financial assistance, voluntary welfare organisations and grassroots organisations that operate in the north of Singapore.

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