NUH2Home: A Transitional Care Programme

Patients of NUH can enjoy NUH to home benefits under the NUH2Home (NUH2H) programme, to provide them with transitional care benefits, easing their transition once they are home.

Before the patient’s discharge, the medical team will follow up with the patient, family members and caregivers on the customised care plan. Patients, family members and caregivers will be taught how to care for and manage the recovery and/or rehabilitation. 

The maximum duration of the home care service is up to three months.

Objectives and Transitional Care Benefits

Provide medical, nursing and allied health support so that patients can enjoy better-quality living and care in the comfort and privacy of their homes and community.
Help family members and caregivers to be more confident in caring for the patient through training and education.
Ensure smooth transition and continued care for patients from NUH to home to prevent medical complications.

Contacts and Links

Ms Chloe Loh, Senior Executive Assistant, NUH2Home
DID: (65) 6772 2645 / Email:

Ms Loh Hwee Ching, Senior Administrative Assistant, NUH2Home 
DID: (65) 6772 6109/ Email: 


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NUH2Home: A Transitional Care Programme

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