Admissions: Top 10 Reasons for Being Admitted to Hospital

These are the statistics on the most common reasons for hospital admission in Singapore.



Top 10 Reasons for Hospitalisation in Singapore

Total No. of Discharges ('000)  507.8 519.5 569.2 
% of Total Discharges   
1. Accident, poisoning and violence
[ICD10AM : S00-T98]
8.48.2 8.3 
2. Cancer
[ICD10AM : C00-C96]
6.06.0 5.9 
3. Pneumonia
[ICD10AM : J12-J18]
2.83.0 3.2 
4. Ischaemic heart diseases
[ICD10AM : I20-I25]
3.33.1 3.1 
5. Intestinal infectious diseases
[ICD10AM: A00-A09]
2.8 2.6 2.8 
6. Other heart diseases
[ICD10AM: I00-I09, I26-I52]
2.72.7 2.5 
7. Infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
[ICD10AM : L00-L08]
1.92.0 2.1 
8. Acute upper respiratory infections 
[ICD10AM : J00-J06]
1.61.6 1.9 
9. Cerebrovascular diseases (including stroke)
[ICD10AM : I60-I69]
1.91.9 1.8 
10. Obstetric complications affecting foetus and newborn
[ICD10AM : P00-P03] 


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Admissions: Top 10 Reasons for Being Admitted to Hospital

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