Medical Research Funding Statistics

Read on for an overview of healthcare research funding and healthcare research grants in Singapore.

If you are a medical professional and are considering applying for a grant, then this summary of medical research funding statistics from 2015 to 2017 could prove useful to you.

Healthcare Reseach Grants

 FY157FY167 FY177
Medical Research Grants committed under National Medical Research Council
269.0304.6 470.0 
% of Medical Research Grants :  
  a) Centre Grants10.00.0 41.3 
  b) Human Capital Programme223.019.4 11.9 
  c) Talent Development Programme32.24.2 3.0 
  d) Enablers & Infrastructure428.436.0 10.2 
  e) Individual PI-initiated Research Grants5
      (inclusive of New Investigator Grants)
37.832.2 21.0 
  f) Strategic Research Grant Programmes68.6
8.2 12.6 

1 The RIE2020 centre grant was awarded in 2017.
2 Includes Singapore Translational Research Investigator Award, Clinician Scientist Award and Transition Award. 
3 Includes Master of Clinical Investigation, NMRC Research Training Fellowship and Clinician Investigator Salary Support Programme (CISSP).
4 Includes the enablers & infrastructure programmes. 
Includes the CS-IRG, CS-IRG-NIG,  HSR, HSR-NIG, CTG, OF-IRG, OF-YIRG and Zika Response Research Fund (ZKKF).
Includes the OF-LCG programme.
7 NMRC has done a reclassification of the programmes to better reflect the categories of funding programmes from FY14 onwards. For data prior to FY14, refer here

To download this summary, visit the Ministry of Health’s page


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Medical Research Funding Statistics

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