Healthcare Manpower Training and Development Statistics in Singapore

Find out how many students graduate from medical school each year in Singapore.


​Here’s a brief overview of Singapore’s healthcare sector’s manpower training and development statistics, including the number of medical school graduates per year.

No. of Medical Graduates1302328353
No. of Nursing Graduates21,4791,5581,536
No. of Allied Health Professionals Graduates3188212206
No. of Dental Schools in the Schedule4898989
No. of Dentists Graduated5515756
No. of Oral Health Therapists Graduated6172324
No. of Pharmacy Schools in the Schedule4135135135
No. of Pharmacists Graduated7150165198

NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (from 2011 onwards) graduates.
2 NUS (from 2009 onwards), NYP, NP and ITE nursing graduates, including graduates from WSG's Professional Conversion Programmes (from 2005 onwards).
3 Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Radiography and Radiation Therapy graduates from NYP (between 2006 - 2015) and SIT (from 2016 onwards), including graduates from WSG's Professional Conversion Programmes (from 2011 onwards), NUS Speech and Language Pathology (Biennial intake (2-year programme) from 2007 onwards).

Schools in the schedule refers to overseas Dental and Pharmacy schools recognised by Singapore Dental Council and Singapore Pharmacy Council respectively.
NUS Faculty of Dentistry graduates.
NYP Dental Hygiene and Therapy graduates. The first batch of Oral Health Therapists graduated in 2008.
7 NUS Department of Pharmacy graduates.


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Healthcare Manpower Training and Development Statistics in Singapore

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