Healthcare Workforce Statistics

Wondering about Singapore’s healthcare employment landscape? Here’s an overview of Singapore’s healthcare jobs statistics.


An overview of Singapore’s healthcare workforce statistics from 2015 to 2017.

 20152016 2017
Total No. of Doctors112,45912,96713,386 
  ►  Public
  ►  Non-Public3,9143,9794,107 
  ►  Not in Active Practice636630706 
Doctor to Population Ratio1:4401:4301:420 
Doctor per 1,000 Population2.32.32.4 
Breakdown by:  
          No. of Specialists4,7885,0475,338 
        ►  Public3,0523,2993,523 
        ►  Non-Public1,4701,4851,528 
        ►  Not in Active Practice266263287 
          No. of Non-Specialists7,6717,9208,048 
        ►  Public4,8575,0595,050 
        ►  Non-Public2,4442,4942,579 
        ►  Not in Active Practice370367419 
Total No. of Nurses/Midwives39,00540,5614,1440
  ►  Public23,94224,82925,388 
  ►  Non-Public9,7849,98510,344 
  ►  Not in Active Practice5,2795,7475,708 
Nurse to Population Ratio1:1401:1401:140 
Nurse per 1,000 Population7.07.27.4 
Breakdown by:  
          No. of Registered Nurses29,89431,61532,672 
        ►  Public18,56619,61820,313 
        ►  Non-Public7,3567,6168,002 
        ►  Not in Active Practice3,9724,3814,357 
          No. of Enrolled Nurses8,9318,7818,631 
        ►  Public5,3055,1495,020 
        ►  Non-Public2,3772,3222,301 
        ►  Not in Active Practice1,2491,3101,310 
          No. of Registered Midwives180165137 
        ►  Public716255 
        ►  Non-Public514741 
        ►  Not in Active Practice585641 
Total No. of Advanced Practice Nurses2 172197218 
  ►  Public 166189203 
  ►  Non-Public  5810 
  ►  Not in Active Practice
Total No. of Dentists32,0602,1982,293 
  ►  Public449486477 
  ►  Non-Public1,5411,6441,748 
  ►  Not in Active Practice706868 
Dentist to Population Ratio1:2,6901:2,5501:2,450 
Dentist per 1,000 Population0.40.40.4 
Breakdown by:  
          Total No. of Dental Specialists324333350 
        ►  Public102106112 
        ►  Non-Public215219232 
        ►  Not in Active Practice78
          Total No. of General Dental Practitioners1,7361,8651,943 
        ►  Public347380365 
        ►  Non-Public1,3261,4251,516 
        ►  Not in Active Practice636062 
Total No. of Oral Health Therapists4400401416 
  ►  Public228229225 
  ►  Non-Public144128144 
  ►  Not in Active Practice284447 
Total No. of Pharmacists2,7572,8753,047 
  ►  Public1,3071,3671,472 
  ►  Non-Public1,2211,2481,344 
  ►  Not in Active Practice229260231 
Pharmacist to Population Ratio1:2,0101:1,9501:1,840 
Pharmacist per 1,000 Population0.50.50.5 
Total No. of Optometrists and Opticians52,6242,6502,605 
  ►  Public 156166175 
  ►  Non-Public2,3452,2652,316 
  ►  Not in Active Practice123219114 
Optometrist and Optician to Population Ratio1:2,2131:2,3071:2,253 
Optometrist and Optician per 1,000 Population0.50.40.4 
Total No. of Occupational Therapists69671,0671,125 
  ►  Public 498521512 
  ►  Non-Public429477508 
  ►  Not in Active Practice4069105 
Total No. of Physiotherapists61,5491,6931,814 
  ►  Public 877899882 
  ►  Non-Public606682765 
  ►  Not in Active Practice66112167 
Total No. of Speech Therapists6474524595 
  ►  Public 212215232 
  ►  Non-Public244269307 
  ►  Not in Active Practice
Total No. of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physicians72,8082,8682,952 
  ►  Active Practice2,2172,2412,243 
  ►  Not in Active Practice591627709 
Total No. of Acupuncturists8249247254 
  ►  Active Practice152146139 
  ►  Not in Active Practice97101115 

1 Includes doctors registered under Temporary Registration for service provision from Year 2010 onwards.            

2 Advanced Practice Nurses(APN) are subset of Registered Nurses.

Refers to Division I and II dentists.

Registration of Oral Health Therapists started in 2008.

5 Optometrists and Opticians were officially registered with the enactment of Optometrists and Opticians Act in 2008.

Registration of Allied Health professionals (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists) started in 2013. 

7 Registration of TCM physicians started in 2002.

8 Registration of Acupuncturists started in 2001. Figures refer to those registered only as Acupuncturists.

Healthcare Workforce Statistics

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