Diabetes (Pocket Guide)

Here’s an easy to follow visual guide for all you need to know about diabetes including its signs, causes, risk factors, complications and tips to manage the condition.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

How Insulin Works

Insulin and Diabetes

Insulin and Diabetes

What Causes Insulin Resistance?

What Causes Insulin Resistance?

What Causes Insulin Shortage?

What is Diabetes

Risk Factors for Diabetes

Risk Factors

Common Signs of Diabetes

General Signs and Symptoms

Diabetes Complications

Microvascular Complications

Chronic Complications Small Vessel Disease

Macrovascular Complications

Chronic Complications Medium & Large Vessel Disease

Complications of Diabetes Management


Acute Complications Hypoglycemia

Hyperglycemia and Sick Day Management

Acute Complications Hyperglycemia & Sick Day Management

Balancing Your Diet With My Healthy Plate

A Balanced Diet My Healthy Plate

Eating Tips

What Carbs to Go For

What Carbs to Go For

High-Fibre Food

High-Fibre Food

How Much Fruit Can I Eat?

How Much Fruit can I Eat?

What's 1 Serving of Fruit?

What's 1 Serving of Fruit?

How Much Sugar is in Your Drink?

How Much Sugar is in Your Drink?

Healthy Hawker Hacks

Healthy Hawker Hacks

Healthier Snacks

Healthier Snacks

Know Your Calories: Chinese New Year (CNY) Goodies

Know Your Calories: CNY Goodies

Simple Weight Management Tips

Useful Tips to Keep Trim

Simple Exercises for Beginners

Regular Exercise Examples

Principles of Exercise

Principles of Exercise

Risky Lifestyle Choices to Avoid

Diabetes Foot Care

Foot Problems

Foot Care: At Risk Foot

Foot Care: Good Practices

Foot Care: Good Practices

Foot Care: Harmful Practices

Foot Care: Harmful Practices

Proper Foot Care

Foot Care: Proper Foot Wear

Role of a Podiatrist

Foot Care: Role of a Podiatrist

Annual Foot and Eye Screening

Foot Care: Annual Screening

Treating Diabetes

Things to Note About Medication and Insulin

Treating Diabetes: Medication & Insulin

Suitable Sites for Insulin Injection

Insulin Therapy Selecting a Site

How to Draw Insulin From A Vial

Part 1: Preparation

Drawing Insulin - Prep (Single)

Part 2: Drawing A Single Dose

Drawing Insulin - Single Dose

Part 2: Drawing A Mixed Dose

Drawing Insulin - Mixed Dose

How to Inject Insulin

Insulin Therapy Injection

Insulin Storage

Insulin Therapy Storage

How to Safely Dispose of Syringes

Insulin Therapy Disposal

Monitoring Your Condition

Intro to Blood Glucose and HbA1c

Monitoring Diabetes - What is SMBG & HbA1c

Testing Blood Glucose and HbA1c

Monitoring Diabetes - Testing BG & HbA1c

How to Fast Safely

Special Situations: Fasting

Special Situations

Travelling Planning

Special Situations: Travelling Planning

Travelling Tips

Special Situations: Travelling Tips

Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes

Special Situations: Pregnancy

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