Diabetes Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) Programme (JurongHealth)

Integrated Care Pathway for diabetes: helping diabetic patients manage their condition.

diabetes management
JurongHealth’s Diabetes Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) programme aims to empower diabetic patients with the knowledge of managing diabetes. Comprising a multidisciplinary team (a physician, nurse, case manager, dietitian, podiatrist, physiotherapist and clinical psychologist), the programme aims to provide patients with the best possible standard of care.

The ICP programme also aims to build active partnerships with primary healthcare services, such as polyclinics and general practitioners (GP), in order to provide coordinated and evidence-based diabetic care that is accessible at patients’ convenience.

Only direct referrals from JurongHealth's GP partners will be accepted for the Diabetes ICP programme.

Contact JurongHealth’s Diabetes ICP programme team for more information:

ICP hotline: 1800 547 2673
Email: diabetes_icp@juronghealth.com.sg 

For updates on the diabetes ICP programme, please refer to JurongHealth's website

Diabetes Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) Programme (JurongHealth)

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