Abdominal Sacropolpopexy

Get a better understanding of abdominal sacrocolpopexy, why the surgery is necessary and its potential complications.


What Is Abdominal Sacropolpopexy?

It is an operation performed from the abdomen to support the vagina to the ligament on the spine (after previous or concurrent surgery to remove the womb) by using a synthetic mesh.

Why Is It Performed?

Sacrocolpopexy is done to treat severe protrusion of the vagina after the womb is removed.

The protrusion usually bothers you because of:
An uncomfortable lump
Urinary difficulties (e.g. incomplete emptying of the bladder)
Bowel difficulties (e.g. constipation, incomplete emptying of bowels)

Abdominal sacrocolpopexy helps relieve your symptoms, and restore vaginal anatomy (as much as possible) and sexual function. 

Read about sacrocolpopexy surgery and possible sacrocolpopexy complications here.



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Abdominal Sacropolpopexy

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