Hospital Bills Financial Assistance in Singapore

Having trouble paying your medical bill? Here’s how to apply for financial assistance for your hospital bills in public hospitals in Singapore.

Patients or family members who have difficulty paying their medical bills at public hospitals in Singapore can tap into financial assistance schemes or funds for the needy provided by the hospital and the government in Singapore. Here’s a guide on how they can help in alleviating the burden of medical treatment costs so that you can focus on getting well and back on your feet.

Medifund: Hospital Bill Payment Assistance

If you are unable to afford your medical bills after drawing on other means of payments including MediShield Life and Medisave, then you may apply for assistance from Medifund, a medical endowment fund set up by the government to help needy Singaporeans who face financial difficulties. The amount of financial assistance granted will depend on your family’s financial situation as well as the size of the bill.

Applying for Medifund Assistance

You will first need to consult with a social worker from the hospital’s social services department as they are the ones who will submit your Medifund application. During these consultations, the social worker will help you to explore other options, including interest-free installments for your medical bills and additional grants from the hospital.

Hospital Financial Assistance 

Aside from government assistance, patients can also consider applying for subsidies and grants from endowment funds offered by public hospitals in Singapore. 

The amount of help provided will vary depending on various factors such as the size of the bill and the financial circumstances of the patient and his or her family. As such, you may likely have to produce proof of your family’s income and savings as well as their expenditure.

Applying for Financial Assistance for Hospital Bills

Similar to applying for government-assisted schemes, you may need to consult a medical social worker from the hospital. Rest assured that your request will be kept strictly confidential. These social workers will also explore other potential payment arrangements such as interest-free installments for you or your loved ones. 

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