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Lower-calorie meals can be satisfying

Here’s how you can keep your weight down and taste buds happy.


Lower in c​alories,
just as satisfying

Lower-calorie food can be just as delicious and substantial!
Here are ways you can make your meal a wholesome one.

Reasons to go light with substantial food

Science has shown that wholegrains, protein and fruits and vegetables are beneficial because they increase the feeling of being full after a meal.
Here’s how you can make each bite count:
Enrich your diet with wholegrains
Wholegrains contain insoluble dietary fibre (bulk) which makes them slower to digest than refined grains, keeping you fuller for a longer time.
Beef things up with lean meat & alternatives
Food rich in protein such as lean meat, seafood, eggs and milk tend to give a prolonged feeling of being full as compared to carbohydrates.
Get a boost with more fruits and vegetables
From apples to cabbages, soluble fibre in fruits and vegetables acts like a sponge and absorbs water, which keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time.

Fill up with
lighter meals

Here’s how you can enjoy lighter meals that make you feel full and satisfied:
Go for
lower-calorie meals
Ask for
more vegetables
Request for wholegrains whenever possible
Have fruits
as snacks
Consume more
lean protein
processed food
with fresh produce

Spot the Healthier Choice Symbol at your favourite eateries

Eating out? Keep an eye out for this symbol
and enjoy dishes that are lower in calories.
Find out where these eateries are.

Know more about
Healthier eating

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Lower-calorie meals can be satisfying
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