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Pick a Place

pick a place

If you’re travelling with young children, minimise travel time by going somewhere close by such as Bintan, Penang or Phuket, which can all be reached in under two hours. Travelling shorter distances means you spend less time on a crowded plane or ferry, and have more time to enjoy yourselves when you get there. Before you go, reveal the destination to your children to get them excited and maybe get them to help you out in the travel packing!

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Family Package

family package

Cruises and resorts offer an all-in price for lodging, food and activities, so you don’t have to worry about the daily itinerary. Some cruises and resorts have staff to organise and supervise activities for children, such as magic shows, balloon sculpting classes and performances by mascots.

This allows your children to meet and play with other children, picking up social skills that will be useful when they get to kindergarten or primary school. Meanwhile, you get to lounge relaxingly by the pool or catch some precious sleep. Consider letting older children pick their own activities for the day, or even suggesting what their younger siblings might be interested in, to help cultivate a sense of care and responsibility.

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Getting There

getting there

Pack a familiar snack for your little ones, such as apple slices or their favourite cereal, in case airline food does not agree with them. Sour snacks such as dried orange peel may help with motion sickness in case of rough seas or turbulence on the way there, while a small game, a toy or a book can help keep boredom at bay.

Keep warm by packing a lightweight jacket into your carry-on baggage, and remember to bring one for yourself too. A shawl is a good alternative to a jacket as it does not take up much space, and can also be used as a blanket.

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On the Ground

on the ground

Avoid packing a full itinerary so that children have more time to wander around and explore their new surroundings. This is important because travelling could broaden their minds and horizons. For instance, a beach holiday could allow your child to learn about conserving marine life or keeping the beach clean in a fun and experiential way. So give yourself and your child enough opportunity to explore, play and learn!

When you’re there, remember that not everything will go according to plan — children might fall, cry, be sick, or fight with their siblings at the least expected moment. Keep a cool head and a flexible schedule, and your positive attitude will rub off on the rest of your family.

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Take Care of Yourself

take care of yourself

Most importantly, take good care of yourself so that you can be in the best frame of mind to take care of your children during the trip. Set aside some private time with your spouse after the children have gone to bed. Unwind over a drink, a television show or just a quiet conversation at the hotel room balcony while you reflect on the day.

Snap as many photos as you can to capture those fun moments! When you look back at them in the years to come, you will forget the stress and miss those good times.

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