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Health Care in Primary School

Soon, your child will be attending primary school. Besides enrolling him into school, it is also important for you to know the primary health care services that are available for your child. The health needs of your child are as important as his academic needs in school. 

Youth Preventive Health Service 

The Health Promotion Board provides primary health care to all school-going children. 
The following services are offered: 

  • Height and weight measurements ​​
  • Vision screening 
  • Medical screening 
  • Immunisation 
  • Health education on healthy lifestyle practices​

Healthcare professionals from the Youth Preventive Health Service (YPHS) conduct annual free-of-charge medical check-ups and immunisation for the children at the school premises.​

Your child will be given a referral letter to visit the Student Health Centre ​for further assessment and case management, should he be assessed to have any health-related issues. 

Student Health Centre 

The Student Health Centre (SHC) at Health Promotion Board​ ​offers preventive and screening services for school children referred by the SHS healthcare professionals.

Your child can be screened at SHC for health issues such as: 
  • growth and development issues (such as short and tall statures, underweight, overweight and pubertal problems) 
  • defective vision 
  • hearing loss 
  • scoliosis (curved spine) 
  • heart conditions (such as heart murmurs)​

If your child requires further specialist assessment, he will be referred to the in-house specialist clinic or appropriate specialist clinics in the restructured hospitals.​ 

Youth Preventive Dental Service 

The Youth Preventive Dental Service (YPDS) provides school-based oral health care services. Our dental therapists ​​and dentists ​provide dental screening and treatment to pupils in primary and secondary schools, as well as dental health education and health promotion for your child. Students who require more complex dental treatment will be referred to a Zonal Centre or to the Student Dental Centre lo​cated at Health Promotion Board.​

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